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Constructed in 1965, the 94ft ALK is originally of German manufacture. Today, it’s based in Malta and has been refitted as a fully equipped submarine support vessel. It offers a top speed of 11 knots, economic fuel consumption, and a cruising range of 4000 nautical miles.

While based in the Mediterranean, she can, with relocation fees applied, be chartered in nearby seas including the Adriatic, Balearic, Tyrrhenian, Alboran, Ionic, and Aegean. ALK and her crew have extensive experience in supporting everything from private personal expeditions to research and cinema projects. The vessel’s 8-ton A-frame crane is capable of managing the most demanding of submersible operations.


ALK offers flexibility when it comes to your submersible plans as well as a range of charter durations from months at a time to a single day. With all necessary subsea equipment carried on board, ALK is your ideal turnkey solution for sub operations while embarking on a Mediterranean yacht charter.