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arksen pelorus explorers rally

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Arksen Explorers Rally Powered by Pelorus

This singular rally is the brainchild of two companies with an iron-clad commitment to ocean conservation, daring exploration, and a will to broaden the horizons of luxury yacht travel.

The Arksen Explorers Rally Powered by Pelorus sees a variety of yachts depart on three distinct rallies—the Viking, the Middle Seas, and the South Seas Rally—allowing for new explorers, young and old, to experience these locations in a unique way while contributing to the conservation of our oceans.

How did the Arksen Rally come about?

Spotting a gap in the yachting rally market, Arksen founder Jasper Smith approached Pelorus with this unique event concept. Its aim: to spread awareness of ocean conservation projects and to bring together like-minded yacht owners who are seeking to push the boundaries of yachting travel, dual philosophies that underscore how both Pelorus and Arksen operate.

An Arksen and Pelorus Collaboration

A forward-thinking yacht builder whose vessels are capable of traveling virtually anywhere but with a minimal environmental footprint, Arksen requests that its yacht owners donate 10% of their yacht’s sea time to their 10% for the Oceans Initiative. That can mean hosting a scientific ocean research trip or contributing time to a beach clean-up.

Pelorus is a leading experiential travel company with expertise in planning and executing out-of-the-ordinary yacht expeditions. Our itineraries include conservation, educational, or ‘giving back’ pieces and we’re committed to inspiring the yachting world to ever greater adventures.

With numerous complementary ideals, deciding to join forces on this exciting new project was an easy decision to make. Arksen and Pelorus share the motivation to encourage people to travel to new destinations and to experience them in fresh ways while being aware of their impact while traveling on the world’s oceans.

The Rally Explained

This is a rally that gives its participants more, and that gives more back. It’s a chance at a daring expedition, with the knowledge that, at every stage, specialists have your back. An opportunity to revisit a familiar area and see anew or explore new destinations with a fleet of accompanying yachts offering a built-in support network.

The rally’s competitive element focuses on the Arksen and Pelorus ethos of grassroots conservation and research. Embarking on the rally means a commitment to contribute to scientific, philanthropic, and ocean conservation efforts. ‘Challenge Points’ are acquired through each project assisted with or contributed to, with awards given to the vessel that accrues the most over the course of a rally. There are four categories of projects: Ocean Conservation, Scientific Research, Wildlife Protection, and Philanthropy. These activities can be performed by the crew or researchers and scientists that you may host on board during longer crossings. Involving tasks like setting up camera traps to track and record polar bears to contributing to conservation work at a sea turtle rescue center, these activities will be incorporated into the itineraries for each location.

With the route and itinerary design in the hands of Pelorus and Arksen, you can be certain this will be a voyage without comparison. Support will be provided every step of the way, from preparing the yacht and its crew to acquiring world-leading guides, historians, and naturalists to lead activities in the various locations. Guests on yachts can take part in a variety of fantastic activities, from glacier climbing or wreck dives to gorge trekking or heli-skiing. There’ll be the opportunity to observe endemic wildlife and cultural immersions with the locals.

arksen pelorus explorers rally

“A rally that gives its participants more and that gives more back.”

Who can take part?  

Both privately owned and charter yachts can compete in the Arksen Explorers Rally Powered by Pelorus. Yachts will be categorized with factors such as length and cruising capabilities, while the rally itineraries will be tailored to each category’s capabilities. For example, a group of 65 – 95ft sailing yachts may not reach a destination at the same time as a group of 165 – 195ft motor yachts so the latter group may take navigate a longer route or have an additional stop added to their itinerary. The activities are also customizable according to these variances, as well as to the guests that you have on board, whether a family with young and old or a group of similarly aged friends.

Those who don’t own yachts can still compete by chartering a yacht for the duration of the rally or by booking a charter yacht that’s already committed to the rally, but whose owner won’t be on board for the voyage’s entirety. With our expertise in the yacht charter market, Pelorus can match up your budget and requirements with the ideal vessel.

Get in touch with our Yacht Expeditions Team to find out more.

What are the costs involved?

For all yachts wishing to enter the Arksen Explorers Rally Powered by Pelorus, there will be an entry fee payable based on your vessel’s size. The fee will include the cost of carbon offsetting the entire rally through our partners at The World Land Trust.

Participants will also be asked to choose from the activity menu, selecting everything from high-octane to family-friendly. It’ll be their decision to choose what to participate in with consideration of their budget and the interests of their guests.

The entry fee will start from 35,000 GBP per yacht and each rally will run with a minimum of four yachts. The maximum number will depend on the size of the vessels that have signed up.

Contact us to find out more about pricing for your vessel.

Discover the Itineraries


The Viking Rally cleaves to the north taking its participants through Scotland’s romantic wilderness, locating wrecks in the Norwegian fjords, picking out polar bears against Svalbard’s snowy landscape, competing in Inuit games in Greenland, and finding walrus and bears in Canada. Set off from Scotland in April and finish the rally in Newfoundland, Canada in September. This timing provides those who wish to travel south for the Caribbean season, with a visit to a refit yard along the way if required.

View the full itinerary here


The shortest rally, leaving from Athens in June and ending in September at the Monaco Yacht Show, the Middle Seas introduces unconventional activities and conservation elements into the traditional cruising grounds of the East and West Mediterranean. If desired, itineraries can be lengthened if your yacht is traveling from the Indian Ocean, gaining additional points in the Red Sea.

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The South Seas Rally commences in Panama during the Caribbean season. Competing yachts will navigate through the Galapagos and Hawaii to stock up on provisions and prepare for deep-sea conservation projects ahead of traveling to French Polynesia’s outlying atolls. Discovering the South Pacific’s more far-flung islands provides a thrilling contrast to this rally’s final destination of Sydney. There, due to recent legislation changes, the vessels will be able to charter, making a visit to the Great Barrier Reef a worthwhile endeavor.

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