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Yacht Experiences

Yachting Expedition around the Yucatan Peninsula

Cruise the incredible Yucatan Peninsula discovering the undersea and jungle-covered treasures of Mexico, Belize, and Honduras. Take a submersible to the bottom of the Blue Hole; find undiscovered Maya Ruins in the jungle, and swim with whale sharks. After days filled with incredible experiences, return to your luxury yacht for world-class cuisine.

When to go:
January – May


Arrive in Cancun to be welcomed by your Pelorus guide and yacht captain. As the latter transport your luggage to the yacht, you’ll head inland for a private tour of Chichen Itza. An expert guide will uncover all of the incredible secrets and history of this 1500-year-old ‘Wonder of the World’. After a refreshing dip in a secluded cenote, travel to the turquoise waters of Boca Paila where you’ll find your waiting yacht.

Following breakfast on board, travel by helicopter to the Maya Cenotes. You’ll spend the day discovering these subterranean pools—sacred spots for the Maya and a source of fresh water for ancient civilizations.  Explore their calm translucent waters and dive beneath the surface to uncover their secrets. After a wild picnic amid the cenotes, you’ll spend the afternoon learning more about their fauna and unique ecosystems. Arrive back at your yacht for dinner and begin the overnight cruise to Belize.


Awake for breakfast as you approach Belize’s Ambergris Caye. Anchor off of this Maya-created island and travel inland to Bacalar Chico Marine National Park and Reserve. Hiking its verdant landscape, you’ll look out for whitetail deer, saltwater crocodiles, and possibly jaguars. Following 11 miles of trail, you’ll come across ancient Maya sites where loggerhead and green sea turtles make their nests. At Rocky Point, dive or snorkel the remarkable marine world found here.

Following a well-deserved lunch back on your yacht, take a tender to the Hoi Chan Reserve. This reserve is rich with marine life, and as you snorkel or dive you’ll be engrossed by the multitude of fish and coral found here, as well as manatees and dolphins.

Accompanied by a local guide, travel to the only classic tarpon flats outside of south Florida. Fly fish for bonefish, taking your catch of the day back to your yacht’s world-class chef. Enjoy it served up for dinner while you watch the sunset paint the ocean.


As your yacht continues on towards the Blue Hole, travel inland by helicopter to the remarkable Crooked Tree Reserve. Ride, tender or hike through this tangle of waterways, lagoons, and savannah lands. It’s home to over 300 species of bird (not to mention the freshwater turtles, crocodiles, and howler monkeys) but keep your eye out in particular for the giant jabiru.  

Arrive at a village and learn about medicinal plants found here with a herbalist and local chef. Take lunch with the locals and gain a deeper insight into their knowledge and connection to the local flora and fauna.

Next, your helicopter will take you to Lamanai. Unusually close to the water for a Maya site, this is one of the largest and best excavated in northern Belize. Amid the crocodiles idling on the banks, discover the Jaguar Mask and High Temples with your guide, including one of the famous Maya 2012 doomsday calendars. Afterward hunt for Belize’s national flower, the Black Orchid, as you trek through the jungle of breadnut trees, strangler figs, and giant Guanacaste. Chopper back to your yacht for sundowners and dinner.


Snorkel over the Emerald Forest Reef, the distinctive Elkhorn coral illuminated by the soft light of morning. Following this gentle ‘warm up’, move onto the extraordinary Blue Hole.

With special permissions gained by Pelorus, you’ll take a submersible to the bottom of one of the Discovery Channel’s “The 10 Most Amazing Places on Earth”. You’ll explore the very bottom with its conch shells lying amid human remains while watching out for the bull and whale sharks that gather here. You’ll also explore the vibrant coral gardens that ring the hole.

Take a tender to the national park and protected area of Half Moon Caye. You’ll reach a stunning viewing platform above the forest canopy offering a view over the western Caribbean’s only viable breeding colony of red-footed booby. As evening descends, enjoy a barbecue on the beach.


Take a helicopter into the Belizean Rainforest. Trek through the lush foliage of the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve, stepping over quicksilver streams with a guide pointing out the wildlife. You’ll arrive at Actun Tunichil Muknal, a sacred cave for the Belizean Mayas and a ‘living museum’. Tread, swim and climb through its chambers until you arrive at the immense ‘cathedral’ where sacrificial ceremonies were held. Back at ground level, enjoy a delicious picnic.

Your helicopter will alight next at Bocawina Park. You’ll speed above the canopy on ziplines, wondering if you’ll encounter curious howler monkeys at the next of your 14 platforms on this 2.5-mile-long course. Explore the park further to find its hidden waterfalls and atmospheric Maya ruins undiscovered for centuries. Rappel down the nearly 100ft face of beautiful Bocawina Falls before diving into the emerald waters at the foot of this thundering cascade. Fly back to the yacht for your evening meal.


This day is spent in the Caribbean’s most westerly point—the Bay Islands of Honduras. This off-the-beaten-track archipelago is a diving and snorkeling hub with a year-round whale shark presence.

Take the submersible to the tip of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef—the world’s second longest. In these unchartered depths, see wrecks lying on this area’s striking and diverse topography.

On the land, the islands are characterized by sugary white sand beaches, hilly interiors of bottle-green pines, and remote pirate hideouts. Hike up to lookouts to view the gorgeous landscape in all its glory. Back at the beach, you’ll be greeted by a candlelit castaway dinner beneath a stretched white canopy.


Your yacht will cruise into the mouth of Rio Cuero, where motorized canoes will rendezvous with your swim platform. Climb onboard with the local guides for a journey through the estuaries and mangroves that make up the Cero Y Salado Wildlife Refuge. Watch out for manatees, alligators, and an array of birdlife.

Following lunch, you’ll transfer by helicopter into the mountains and Rio Cangrejal. At this world-class white-water rafting destination, you’ll climb down to the riverbed to join your guides in the raft. Your adventure will involve class III-IV rapids, including some steep drops and long wave trains, as well as stopping to jump from cliffs into the current. Adrenaline expended, fly back to your yacht for dinner.

Take a helicopter ride to the Copan archaeological site. During your privately guided tour, you’ll witness its intricately carved stelae and hieroglyphic stairway, see its on-site sculpture museum and explore the tunnels running beneath the ruins.

Onto the Lancetilla Botanical Garden in Tela, an exotic collage of flora and fauna arranged in 1925 by famous explorer and botanist Wilson Popenoe. With the world’s largest collection of Asian fruits amid its 630 species of plant, this is a place of incredible natural beauty. Taste some of the fruits as you have a wild lunch within. Explore with a botanist, and discover the forest preserve behind the gardens offering some of the country’s finest birding.

After hiking the forest preserve through the afternoon, arrive at the boutique port town of Tela for a seafood dinner on the beach as the sun sets. Return to your yacht for your final night before transferring homewards.