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An enchanting Maltese port at sunset

Yacht Experience

Wrecks and Relaxation in a yacht off of Malta

A trove of European military history lies in the ocean depths off of idyllic Malta. 

May – September

On this fascinating Pelorus itinerary, you’ll discover what lies beneath the waves of this favorite yachting destination, discovering shipwrecks off the coast of Malta and Gozo before relaxing onboard your luxury yacht beneath the setting Maltese sun.


To ensure you get the most from this underwater adventure, charter a submarine (and support vessel with the required crew, if necessary). You’ll plunge 426ft in the submersible with your family and friends along for the ride, the professional pilot navigating to where world war history lies on the floor of the Mediterranean Sea.  

You’ll choose the frequency of the dives, either interspersed over a one or two-week-long itinerary, or all at once during a bolted-on four days at the culmination of your trip. Four days is really the minimum to ensure you and your group are able to explore several wreck sites from the possible nine shipwrecks and eight plane wrecks that Pelorus suggests.


Examples of wrecks you could discover include HMS Stubborn, a 216ft British submarine lying at a depth of 187ft. A WWII-era sub, she sank two German merchant ships and a Japanese patrol ship in action, before being retired to the seabed off of Malta as part of a Royal navy submarine sonar training exercise.

Another seabed story involves the 19th-century HMY Aegusa, a former tender servicing racing yachts, that was loaned to the Red Cross to transport doctors before being commissioned to the Royal Navy in 1915. She struck a mine in 1916 while on a rescue mission and sank in seven minutes, taking members of her crew along with her.

Other undersea highlights include HMS Russell, one of the British Navy’s fastest-ever battleships, as well as Polynesian SS—a U-Boat-sunk passenger ship that rested on the seafloor for nearly a century before being discovered.

Beyond the boats, you can visit WWII multi-role aircraft Bristol Beaufighter; submarine hunter Lockheed P2V Neptune; and a twin-engine German bomber that lies deeper than the rest at 393ft.