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Epic Alaska Wilderness Adventure

Alaska. Said aloud, it’s a word that seems to finish with a gasp, entirely suitable for this astonishing northwest extremity of the USA. A vast wilderness of mountains and forests that course with rivers and wildlife, Alaska is a land that beckons you to discover it on a varied, experiential adventure.

When to go
From price
$16,000 pp*
Ideal length
10 nights


Start aboard the Pacific Yellowfin, a US military vessel steeped in history and adventure. Ply the waters of ‘Desolation Sound’ in absolute privacy with only the wildlife in the water and shoreline to keep you company.

Due to the clean, warm water (for this latitude), a biodiverse selection of species such as dolphins, orcas, humpback whales, eagles, and bears roam the coast. Get closer by touching down on the surface of the Sound in one of the Pacific Yellowfin’s kayaks or explore the hinterland’s trails on a mountain bike. However you want to interact with the wild, you’ll have everything you need.


Discover the southwest and the remote Alaska Peninsula, its maze of river systems essential arteries for wildlife and ideal to explore by boat. Or take to the air and fly south for a close view of a walrus colony and skirting the black and white peaks of the mighty Aniakchak volcano along the way. By floatplane, access the best river rafting in the region, with your adrenaline pumping along the furious waterways.

Allow expert guides to uncover the phenomenal fishing opportunities these salmon-rich river systems offer. Or strike out on foot across the open tundra to leap glassy streams and be dwarfed by cascading waterfalls with mountain views around every grassy corner. Challenge yourself by tackling the slopes of an active volcano crater.

With expert trackers, delight in some of the best bear viewing opportunities in the world. You’ll learn about the lives of these magnificent creatures while exploring their natural habitat. Hike the verdant Alaskan rainforest and discover an ancient, delicate ecosystem while watching out for over 200 species of birds endemic to the state.


From here head to Ultima Thule Lodge and a land that is ‘remote beyond reckoning’. Removed from civilization, the pressures of everyday life left behind on the trail, you’ll be surrounded by the breath-taking wilderness of the Wrangell and St Elias Mountains.

As you travel a custom itinerary to suit your preferences, fly by bush plane or speed along at ground level while encountering mighty rivers, dramatic peaks, and imperious glaciers.

Nurture your body and soul with experiences such as flying to a remote studio spa overlooking a glacier, foraging for wild berries on a high alpine plateau hike, walking mountains that no human has ever stood on before, and flying to a remote, deserted beach where the only sound is the crashing of waves.

Tempted into the water, take a kayaking expedition up remote and pristine waterways. Allow expert guides to uncover the wealth and beauty of the surrounding flora and fauna. Land on remote riverbanks and duck beneath waterfalls.

After a day of adventure, paddle to a riverbank camp that’s awaiting your arrival. Share stories of the day’s adventures beside a roaring campfire as you gaze at a starry sky and indulge in a delicious and restorative evening meal.

Alaska. Maybe it’s not a gasp, but a sigh and a promise to return.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 4 adults or 2 adults and 2 children traveling for 10 nights excluding international flights.