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Toucan in Costa Rica Pelorus Hero

Yacht Experiences

A Voyage of Discovery in Costa Rica

Cruise Costa Rica’s Pacific coast with an adventurous itinerary that blends conservation and thrilling wildlife encounters. Take a submersible into the depths, chopper over volcanoes, and swim in secluded jungle waterfalls on a yacht experience to remember.

When to go:
December – April


You’ll be welcomed upon arrival at Liberia International Airport by your Pelorus host and yacht captain. Having settled into your vessel and met the crew, swim or glide on a paddleboard into the tangled mangroves of the Iguanita Wildlife Refuge and Manzanillo Beach. Look out for marine iguanas, howler monkeys, and skittish white-tailed deer.

Snorkel or dive Bahía Culebra looking for sunken pre-Columbian settlements in this area of outstanding water clarity. Retire to your yacht for a gourmet dinner.

Drop anchor off Playa Tamarindo. Made famous by the cult surf film ‘Endless Summer’, learn to surf amid its fantastic waves. Dive beneath the surf to swim with whitetip sharks and eagle rays.


Transfer by helicopter to the 34,000 acres of the Volcano Rincón de la Vieja National Park. Explore the astonishing biodiversity that lives in the shadow of these two volcanoes, with kinkajous, pumas, tapirs, and jaguars at home in the lush jungle. Catch sight of rare emerald toucanets and blue-crowned motmots glinting in the canopy. Discover this region’s rivers with a class II or III white water tubing or rafting adventure before drying off and taking the helicopter back to your yacht.

The Pacific waters here are part of the humpback whale migration to Central America where the females calve in the warmer waters. Intercept them in your tender and watch them breaching before slipping into the water to join them. Return to lunch on Playa Conchal on the Costa Rican Gold Coast, the sand here a colorful blend of powdered seashells.

Discover the duality of Palo Verde National Park, its tropical dry forests and beautiful wetlands, by 4×4 before changing to mountain bikes or hiking. Explore its limestone hills and marshland on foot, keeping an eye out for the shy jaguarundi. Take to the waterways on a riverboat looking out for freshwater crocodiles, white-throated capuchin monkeys, and a dazzling array of tropical and migratory birds.


Overnight your yacht has reached Isla Tortuga. Head into Coru National Wildlife Refuge at sunrise to increase your chances of spotting coyotes, coati, iguanas, and collared peccaries. After a wild breakfast in a jungle clearing, you’ll arrive at Quesera Beach before strapping on a snorkel and discovering the kaleidoscopic fishlife at Psammocora Reef.

Fly to the Arenal Volcano in the country’s interior and, joined by a naturalist guide, traverse the private nature reserve on bridges hanging in the canopy. Descend 8850ft into the earth at the Venado Cave system, exploring ancient limestone channels embedded with fossils and home to wildlife. Wade into an underground river with an expert naturalist guide to witness the striking limestone formations and a subterranean waterfall.


At the island of Quepos, saddle up alongside an expert guide to tour the coastal jungle of beautiful Manuel Antonio National Park, stopping to cool off in hidden waterfalls.

This island is famous for its waters boiling with sailfish, marlin, mahi mahi, and mackerel. Hone your angling skills with an expert team on hand, bringing your catch back to your yacht. During a cooking class with your onboard chef, you’ll learn how to prepare your fish. 

This bay is wreathed in stories concerning British pirates and treasure. Take part in a pirate-themed scavenging adventure where you’ll need to kayak through mangroves, snorkel down to the seabed, and discover caves concealed behind waterfalls to complete the puzzle.


Isla del Cano, its waters teeming with sharks, eagle rays, and turtles, is renowned internationally for its diving and snorkeling possibilities. Go one better in a submersible, dropping down to 450ft and viewing the impressive wildlife through the 360-degree-view cockpit. On your journey, you’ll also gather data vital to protecting the local marine life.

Embark on a guided hike through remote Corcovado National Park’s wildlife-rich jungle. Watch out for tapir and jaguar while dining on a gourmet picnic. In the afternoon, ascend into the towering canopy alongside spider monkeys before rappelling down the 100ft King Louis Waterfall.

Delve deeper into the cloud forest on foot before arriving at a remote jungle camp. As the moon rises, embark on a nature walk with hiking gear and headlights while ensconced in a symphony of frogs, moths, insects, and iguanas.

Following a wild breakfast, travel to the tropical lowland ecosystem. By kayak, navigate the river mazes and lagoons before returning to your yacht.


A breathtaking tropical fjord, the Golfo Dulce is also a hotspot for jaguars. In Piedras Blancas National Park, the big cat’s last bastion in Costa Rica, track these endangered animals with expert Pelorus guides.

The mangroves here act as nursing grounds for hammerhead sharks. Explore this thriving ecosystem by paddleboard, looking out for the sharks as well as shrimp and crabs. Get a closer look in a submersible, drifting amid sailfish, manta rays, tuna, and turtles. With 20% of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast marine life concentrated here, this is the ideal spot to see dolphins and whales—and slip into the water for an unforgettable swim before flying home.


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