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tribe gathers around fire pit


Take a vacation to meet remote tribes

Pelorus can transport you to the edge of the world, where you’ll see remarkable events conducted by even more remarkable peoples.

Words by Pelorus

Nothing throws our own way of living into relief more than meeting tribes whose fascinating way of life—often in harmony with the rhythms of the natural world—has remained practically unchanged for hundreds of years. With isolation often being a key element in the preservation of these ancient ways of living, encounters with tribes such as these often take place in locations as fascinating and untouched by modernity as the people who call it home. With the advice of anthropologists and trusted local experts, Pelorus can transport clients to remarkable, difficult-to-access ceremonies, rituals, and festivals anywhere in the world. Examples include bull-jumping with the Hamar in the Omo Valley in Ethiopia; dancing with the Mucawana community in unseen Angola; spearfishing with the Korowai in the outer reaches of Papua New Guinea; drinking tea with the Kazakh, or staying with locals in Mongolia.

It’s never a short trip. To reach these remarkable time capsules at the ends of the earth, there’s usually a lengthy trek through dense forest; the navigation of labyrinthan waterways by boat; or a 48-hour bumpy car journey over unmetalled roads. But it’s always worth the effort. Prior to embarking on an immersion of this kind, we carefully consider how best to minimize the impact of our visit on the tribe. Additionally, it’s key that the behavior that our clients are witnessing is authentic. Helping us to achieve both of these goals is that we certify that the clients meeting—and potentially staying—with these tribes have become appraised of the local culture and its etiquette. Through this process, the respect is established that allows our clients and the tribes to benefit the most from the rare interaction. 

smiling tribal woman wearing a flower headdress colourful celebration wearing headdress, paint and an array of fabrics
almost completely in disguise wearing this outfit made of leaves peaceful yet dramatic scene of man in his boat in the foreground and bellowing smoke in the background