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Yacht Experiences

Untouched islands of The Seychelles

Discover the 115 islands that make the Seychelles Archipelago such an unbeatable charter yacht experience. Journey through translucent seas teeming with sharks, rays, and manatees, work with conservationists to preserve rare species, and drink sundowners on deck while watching scintillating Seychelles’ sunsets.   

When to go:
October – March


Arrive in Mahé Island to be welcomed by your Pelorus guide and yacht captain. Having arrived at your vessel and met your crew, you’ll get underway to Beau Vallon—Mahé Island’s epicenter.

Drop anchor and dive into the turquoise waters. Have a fresh-fish dinner fragrant with tropical flavors in a Kannel restaurant. Take a guided tour of the Seychelles National Botanical Gardens and feed Aldabra giant tortoises from your hand. As evening sets in, return to your yacht and travel to Port Glaud for dinner on the deck while enjoying Seychelle’s famous sunsets.

After an onboard breakfast, explore the wildlife-rich waters with a swim or a snorkel. After discovering the boulder-strewn marine landscape and colorful corallivores, return to your yacht before a day-long cruise to African Banks.

Take the opportunity to relax on board or hear stories of conservation and learn about Seychelles’ species from your onboard marine biologist. Alternatively, chat to your captain and crew about navigation before having a try at the celestial version.


Return above deck at dawn to see the two uninhabited islets, considered an Important Bird Area, that comprises African Banks. With special permissions obtained by Pelorus, you can enjoy exclusive access to the underwater riches found here. Set your own itinerary, whether fishing for tuna and mackerel ahead of an onboard sushi masterclass and meal or snorkel the reefs and wrecks found around these islets.

It’s likely you won’t see another soul on this peaceful stop. For dinner, beneath a billowing canopy set up on Remire Island, delight in a wild beach barbecue as the sunset streaks the sky pink and vermillion.


Once you’ve eaten breakfast, cruise to the Save Our Seas Research Center. Meeting with local experts, you’ll learn about the marine wildlife in these waters and the lifestyles of creatures such as lemon sharks and turtles. You’ll assist the center in research and rehabilitation programs such as replenishing depleted mangrove forests and tracking endangered marine species.

Take to a kayak, paddleboard, or snorkel to spend an afternoon in the lush mangrove forests—an important carbon sink as well as crucial local ecosystems and nursing grounds. See young triggerfish and fusiliers, as well as juvenile sharks. After gaining a profound understanding of the importance of these jungles, settle in back at your vessel with a sundowner on deck ahead of a delicious dinner.

The next day you’ll get to apply your newfound knowledge while exploring these waters further. Either snorkeling or diving, take to the seas and see the giant bumphead parrotfish and huge humphead wrasses, among many other species.

Emerge onto land as a castaway on a deserted beach. Enjoy a wild picnic in complete seclusion on the warm sand, while the evening sky fills with stars. If you’re here at the right time of year, you might get the chance to see sea turtles laying their eggs, or see those eggs hatch.  


Awake in your castaway camp in pristine isolation. Rise from your comfortable raised bed and be ‘rescued’ by your crew for an indulgent breakfast on your yacht.

Cruising on to the Poivre and Desroches Islands, take advantage of the time to rest up and relax. Upon arrival, dive back into the water to explore the remarkable reef flats found here. Snorkel, kayak, or glide on paddleboards as you spot turtles, coral reef fish, and lemon sharks swimming past.

Extend your Seychelles charter by taking a further day to cruise to the World Heritage site of Aldabra. En route learn from researchers about this remarkable destination ahead, one of the world’s largest coral atolls. Minimally impacted by human activity (only a few expert researchers live there), this land and seascape of coral reefs, seagrass beds, and mangrove mudflats are home to 400 endemic species. Visiting this fascinating place is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Once you’ve set foot on this rarely visited island, begin a series of days discovering the remarkable species found here. From elusive flying foxes to Aldabra drongos, and flightless Aldabra white-throated crakes—and even snails previously believed extinct—you’ll be engrossed in Aldabra’s natural bounty.

Dive the atoll’s lagoon and its channels seeing manta rays, dolphins, and docile manatees. Kayak the mangroves, and delight in the giant tortoise population—greater even than the Galapagos. Enjoy fine dining and sundowners after days of tracking wild tortoises before bidding your yacht and crew farewell and hopping on a helicopter to Mahe and home.


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