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Unique ski experiences, Heli-skiing in Sweden, credit Arctic Elements


Unique & Secluded Ski Experiences

At Pelorus, we challenge ourselves to always find a unique twist on even the most niche destinations. Read below for a shortlist of our luxury ski adventures in some of the world’s remotest destinations, with that added Pelorus uniqueness and, as always, completely customizable depending on your group or family’s needs.

Sweden – Heli-skiing under the Midnight Sun

When to go: March – May

Where to stay: Metro Lodge

For remote skiing through breathtaking surroundings, ski from sky to sea over endless, empty pistes overlooking the Norwegian fjords in this remote part of Sweden, right beside the Norwegian border.  Heli-ski, either on a semi-private or completely private basis, just over 100 miles north of the Polar circle.

Later in the season, ski until later in the day under the midnight sun. 

Contact our Travel Designers to find out more about this unique experience and start planning your custom adventure to Riksgränsen, Sweden.

Heli ski Sweden, credit Arctic Elements
Heli ski Sweden, credit Arctic Elements

Antarctica – Ski where no one has skied before

When to go: Dec – Feb

Where to stay: SURI or EROS

Still considered one of the most inaccessible destinations on the planet, skiing in Antarctica has become the greatest challenge yet for skiers who crave a true skiing adventure.

Reaching untouched peaks is now possible with two helicopters, dropping you off at one summit and taking you to the next. With long days stretching between 18 and 22 hours of daylight during the summer months there’s ample opportunity to enjoy multiple descents down Antarctica’s powder snow slopes. Accompanied by experienced ice pilots, expedition leaders and equipment fit for the harshest of climates, this is the ski experience of a lifetime.

Contact our Travel Designers to find out more about this unique experience and start planning your custom adventure to Antarctica.

Heli-skiing in Antarctica
Skiing in Antarctica

Italian Dolomites – Remote Skiing & World-Class Cuisine

When to go: December – April

Where to stay: White Deer Mountain Lodge, San Cassiano

In the heart of one of the world’s most striking mountain ranges, Alta Badia offers over 680 miles of pistes. Comprising the San Cassiano and Alta Badia resorts, as well as the spectacular Armentarola run—the longest in the Dolomites—Alta Badia raises its game further with its impressive selection of Michelin-starred restaurants with white tablecloths laid in unassuming rustic lodges.

With an expert Pelorus guide leading the way, you can conquer the Sellaronda Skitour—40km of interconnecting resorts and runs that take you around the pinnacles of the Sella Massif. Your guide will lead you to powder-rich off-piste opportunities in one of the world’s most beautiful ski spots.

Sun beaming down on the beautiful Italian backcountry
carving new powder off-piste

British Columbia – Epic Night Skiing

When to go: December – April

Where to stay: Chalet Bighorn, Revelstoke

Ski the best that British Columbia has to offer, its off-piste alpine bowls and untouched slopes, before an adrenaline-pumping return to the snow under cover of night for an extraordinary night skiing experience.

A snow-cat will transport you deep into the wilderness until you’re surrounded by unlimited powder carving possibilities. Your expert mountain guide will accompany you as you ski Mount Mackenzie and its sibling peaks in wondrous solitude. Come nightfall, don a ski suit freckled with LEDs and head back up the mountain. With spotlights illuminating the blank canvas of the snow, begin the intimate thrill of night skiing on some of the finest powder anywhere in the world.

Night skiing through Alaskan Wilderness, British Columbia
Skinning up the mountain in LED studded ski suits for night skiing British Columbia

Northern Iceland – Unrivalled Heli-Skiing

When to go: February – June

Where to stay: Deplar Farm, Troll Peninsula

With the luxurious Deplar Farm as your exclusive base, you’ll enjoy unparalleled heli-ski access to the Tröllaskagi Peninsula. In total seclusion in this mostly uninhabited Icelandic wilderness, you’ll experience all the fabulous skiing that the peninsula offers while taking in its fjord-crinkled coast, deep valleys, and glinting rivers from the slopes and the air. Take advantage of cat and backcountry skiing options, with runs from summit to sea, before a dip in Deplar’s thermal pools and a world-class dinner with wine pairing.

Iceland Heli-Skiing
Iceland Heli-Skiing Peak

Denali, Alaska – Backcountry skiing

When to go: February – April

Where to stay: Sheldon Chalet, Denali

As remote as it gets, the Sheldon Chalet is a bubble of cozy luxury set high on Denali’s Ruth Glacier. On the edge of the spectacular Don Sheldon Amphitheatre, your expert guides will lead you on a backcountry skiing excursion of unparalleled drama and seclusion. Take in Alaska at its most rugged and beautiful as you ski the untouched powder of this top-of-the-world location. At night, sipping wine by the crackling fire, watch the undulating Aurora Borealis from the comfort of the chalet.  

Alaska's Sheldon Chalet under a star scattered sky at night
Skinning through the backcountry in Alaska

Lyngen Alps, Norway – Ski above the Fjords

When to go: March to April

Where to stay: Expedition Yacht KINFISH, Lyngen Alps

The Norwegian Lyngen Alps, with their pristine slopes plunging from snowy heights directly into the North Sea, is considered to be one of the greatest off-piste skiing adventures around. The enhanced peacefulness brought on by the heli-skiing ban paves the way for an unforgettable yachting expedition. Take the KINFISH and hop between near inaccessible runs, with the only company being the breaching whales and the wavering Northern Lights.

kinfish yacht svalbard
Skiing above the Fjords in Norway

Colorado – Cat Skiing

When to go: February – March

Where to stay: Scarp Ridge Lodge, Colorado

Irwin, high in Colorado’s scenic West Elk Mountains, lays claim to an unrivaled annual settling of fluffy powder. While reveling in the perfect balance of luxury and Rocky Mountains authenticity at Scarp Ridge Lodge, you’ll set out for daily cat-skiing adventures, accessing fantasy off-piste runs filled with powder, pines, and very little else. As a crowning glory to your stay, you’ll skin up nearly 1,000ft to summit Mount Emmons. Having breathed in the crisp air and panoramic views, you’ll glide downwards for an unforgettable descent.

Shredding off-piste in Colorado
Beautiful mountainous landscape above the clouds

Kashmir, India – Culture & Epic Descents

When to go: January – March

Where to stay: Houseboat

Heli-skiing Kashmir, known as “paradise on Earth” by Indians, is an extraordinary adventure. High in the Western Himalayas, you’ll take in some of the world’s most dramatic mountain vistas as you glide through pristine powder, with no two days the same. Amid the wonderous skiing,  see the wildlife unique to the region, whether tracking the majestic snow leopard or enjoying the company of the wild monkeys. Savor the world-class cuisine as you unwind after your epic days in nature. For the trip’s climax, transfer to a sumptuous houseboat moored on Dal Lake, enjoying the reflection of the snowy peaks on the water while being enchanted by Srinagar’s culture and natural charms.

Get in touch with our Travel Designers to learn more about this unforgettable experience and set the wheels in motion for your tailor-made adventure in Kashmir, India.

Forrest lined snow-capped mountains
Snow-capped Himalayan mountains from above the clouds

Niseko, Japan – Sake & Champagne Powder

When to go: January – February

Where to stay: Zaborin hotel

To Hokkaido in Japan, where incredible runs over champagne powder await in charming Niseko. With immaculately groomed pistes, serene natural landscapes, and unbelievable off-piste possibilities, Japan’s most northerly island offers some of the world’s most enjoyable ski experiences. Match it up with its incredible cuisine, intriguing culture, and geothermal onsens steaming in the snowy wilderness, and it’s an irresistible combination.

Hiking the Japanese backcountry to find the best powder
Shredding deep powder

Andes, Chile – Ski & Surf

When to go: June – October

Where to stay: Private lodge

Access some of Chile’s most remote and dramatic skiing spots with this exclusive heli-skiing trip. Chopper up to the Andean heights, slaloming down snowfields enjoying stunning panoramas and utter seclusion. Drop down to sea level to surf, kiteboard, or windsurf the gorgeous Pacific Coast. Your helicopter will take you to Pichilemu with its consistent, world-class surf and quiet sands.

Speak to our Travel Designers to discover more and take the first step toward your tailor-made luxury experience in the Chilean Andes.

Pichilemu on Chile’s Pacific Coast
Powder skiing in Chile

British Columbia – Backcountry Skiing

When to go: December – April

Where to stay: Bison Lodge, Revelstoke

Access British Columbia’s finest off-piste skiing areas with a cat or heli-skiing adventure. Penetrate deep into the wilderness, cresting pine-fringed hills before skiing into snowy bowls and accessing mountainous playgrounds entirely yours to enjoy.

Chopper high above its glinting, snow-covered peaks and valleys. Choose your spot and carve long, sweeping arcs through the untouched and pin-drop quiet terrain.  

Get in touch with our Travel Designers to learn more about this experience and set the wheels in motion for your own tailor-made adventure in British Columbia, Canada.

British Columbia backcountry skiing
Touring across British Columbia's beautiful backcountry