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Argentina Alfresco Dining


Unique food experiences throughout the world

From an unprecedented culinary odyssey in a far-flung tropical paradise to experiencing a culture through gastronomic treats discovered at local markets, we reveal the hottest reservations around the world. 

Food is often a shorthand by which you can quickly become immersed in a new culture. Take that sensory exploration into a remarkable setting and you have the makings of a transcendent experience.

Read on to discover the remarkable, one-off foodie opportunities compiled by our expert team at Pelorus. If you have your own inspiration, please call a member of our team who can help to make your dream a reality.

Wine, Cocktails, and Aurora Borealis in Greenland

At a luxury camp located at the compacted face of a glacier, you’ll sit down to a 12-course tasting menu—paired with wine and cocktails and prepared by an award-winning chef—while the weather plays over the canvas of your private restaurant.

Within, you’ll be more than comfortable with heaters, carpets, and feather pillows for when you’re ready to retire after your satisfying encounter with Greenlandic food traditions.

However, it may be some time before you sleep, with the quiet of the wilderness around you and the ripple of the Aurora Borealis in the untainted night sky. If you’re feeling less contemplative and more lively, Pelorus can also provide a local Inuit band and games.

Sushi Tsunami on Hawaii

Journey to Hawaii’s palms and glorious coastline for a 32-course sushi dinner at Keiji Nakazawa’s Sushi Sho at the Ritz Carlton. This omakase-style restaurant will not only serve up an extraordinary amount of sushi but also dishes of the most exquisite skill and flavor combinations.

Once that’s settled, it’s time for adventure. Enjoy a private helicopter ride over Volcanoes National Park, or zipline through Hawaii’s lush jungle with the canopy opening up to reveal gorgeous coastal views. Stroll across suspension bridges before rappelling rock faces and making your way to your next food experience—a wild picnic of Hawaiian cuisine. As a digestif, take your yacht out for a night dive amid ethereal manta rays.

Wine Country in Argentina

Join Francis Mallman, one of Argentina’s pre-eminent chefs, as he employs his unparalleled open-flame cooking talent to mouth-watering effect while you watch enthralled beside the campfire. Drawing on traditional Argentinian recipes and produce, your meal beneath the stars will be profound immersion in both the country’s culture and an ancient way of preparing food.  

Visit Argentina’s glorious wine country and taste aromatic, delicious wines from Uco Valley Vineyards. Afterward, accompanied by a violinist and a sommelier, pair wines with tapas in Rosell Boher Winery’s cellar.

Finally, take your palate up to 1,500 meters above sea level to Huentala Wines, where you’ll join an expert local chef or a high-altitude cooking lesson in the vineyard, before a horse ride through the mountains as your wonderful day draws to a close. 

Sunken Gastronomy at Norway’s Under Restaurant

Does food taste more delicious when you’re underwater? Find out at Under, Norway’s restaurant sixteen feet below the surface. While watching the passing sea creatures, you’ll eat an equally distracting fine dining menu showcasing Norway’s fascinating culinary heritage.

Next, explore Norway’s world-famous coastline on your yacht. Join your Pelorus surf guide to carve up the Arctic Circle’s finest breaks or skirt the shores of tiny islands on a jet ski, paddleboard,, or while kitesurfing. Miss the underwater world? Descend to the seafloor in a submarine or on a dive. But let’s not forget the food. Take a helicopter to a glacier and work up an appetite for glacier kayaking before sitting down to a bite on the ice. Or float by tender to an astonishing, hard-to-reach beach for a remote dinner, curated by your yacht’s chef, in one of Norway’s most spectacular spots. 

Private Dining at a Remote Camp in the Kazak Steppe

In a forested valley deep in the Kazakh Steppe, you’ll be led on horseback to a remarkable rendezvous set on the banks of a river. Here, within the encampment of bright traditional yurts, your private chef will prepare a feast suitable for the Great Khan himself.

Both Pelorus founders can attest that the meal, consisting of cultural delicacies and a freshly slaughtered lamb, was outstanding. The experience was heightened by their guide, Altay, performing traditional Kazakh songs while beside the campfire.

Restored, they adventured through the landscape the following day, exploring canyons, traversing deserts, and ascending above the snow line.