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Tribal Experience Papua New Guinea


The Tribes and Terrain of Papua New Guinea

Cut-off from the world, Papua New Guinea is a hotbed of fascinating cultures and pristine wilderness. Meet a few of its 312 tribes and see its active volcanoes, big game seas, and wildlife-rich jungles.

When to go
From price
$16,000 pp*
Ideal length
10 nights


Fly by helicopter to the remote highland region of Aseki. Make your way through the jungle to the bamboo shrines holding the smoked corpses of the Aseki. You’ll learn about the fascinating history behind the intricate smoking and mummification process leading to parched corpses in various stages of decay.

Submerge yourself in the teeming waters of East New Britain, where you’ll swim with a huge pod of bottlenose dolphins in Blanche Bay. Climb Mount Tavurvur—an active volcano that has dyed the water at its base a rainbow of mineral yellows and oranges. Round off an incredible day with the energetic, pyrotechnic spectacle of Baining’s Fire Dancers.


On authentic dugout canoes, journey upstream along the gentle bends of the lush Sepik River. You’ll reach the Crocodile Men—an isolated community that scars the backs and shoulders of its men to resemble the skin of the crocodile. The scarring is a sign of honor.

Into the remote Southern Highlands next, to find the Huli Wigmen in their mountain homes. An iconic tribe of Papua New Guinea, you’ll immerse yourself in their way of life and strong sense of cultural identity with their woven wigs, grass skirts, and yellow-painted faces. You’ll be taught how they hunt and discover their ancient culinary techniques. After full, incredible days, you’ll sleep in kunai grass houses and a secluded jungle camp.

Your journey culminates on the coast of Milne Bay. Try game fishing for wahoo, yellowfish tuna, and barracuda in these thriving waters, before your catch-of-the-day dinner prepared by your private chef.

See more of this intriguing coastal area, with its plethora of WWII wrecks and relics on land and beneath the waves. Through dense bush, make a trip to the subterranean Skull Cave—a kind of ossuary where the skulls of village ancestors are placed as part of ancient rituals. It’s a stunning final experience rich with history and insight.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 2 adults traveling for 10 nights excluding international flights.