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Kastellholmen, Stockholm, Sweden

Yacht Experiences

The Treasures of The Baltic Sea

Uncover the magic of the Baltic Sea on a yacht itinerary that takes in its cultural and natural treasures. From paragliding down from snow-capped peaks to your yacht or enjoying an evening at the Royal Danish Opera, this itinerary romps through St. Petersburg and the highlights of Scandinavia.

When to go:
May – August


Arrive in St. Petersburg, also known as ‘The City of the Czars’. Cruise the canal, mesmerized by some of Russia’s most grandiose 18th-century palaces and cathedrals.

Attend a private viewing of Menshikov Palace before enjoying an exclusive classical concert. Your Russian cultural feast continues that evening with a night at the ballet in the legendary Alexandrinsky Theatre. Afterward, in a sophisticated Art Nouveau setting, enjoy a Russian culinary showcase accompanied by a champagne and caviar pairing with Dom Perignon’s St. Petersburg ambassador.

Europe’s largest lake, idyllic Ladoga, is a place of thriving flora and fauna ensconced within alpine forest. Hike the pine-scented trails before fishing alongside an expert hunter and a shoreline lunch of whatever you’ve caught. Retire to a private wilderness lodge in the evening for a vodka and caviar tasting ahead of a delicious dinner prepared by a renowned chef.

Take 4×4’s out for some competitive fun, speeding through river crossings and swinging around hairpin bends. End your time at Lake Ladoga with an atmospheric meal within the thick walls of an ancient fortress, accompanied by dancers and live music.


Famous for its galaxy of lakes and islands, you’ll kayak and abseil your way across Finland’s stunning countryside. Or take to the skies to see it from a hot air balloon or from beneath a parachute. Track elks and bears through the forested hills and see rare endemic species beneath the rich gold rays of the midnight sun. Race through alpine forests for a heart-racing 4×4 off-roading experience.

Slow down and soak up the Finnish culture in a traditional smoke sauna. Or fly to Lapland for a visit to a Sami village and a cultural immersion with the reindeer herders, discovering their hearty cuisine and traditional music and dancing.


Arrive amid the stunning Swedish archipelago and disembark to stroll Stockholm’s quaint old town juxtaposed with its cutting-edge design. Cruise to Gotland next, discovering this island’s tranquil inlets, white sand dunes, and translucent shallows. Off-road with an archaeologist and uncover the island’s Viking past, seeing 12th-century turrets and stone age skeletons.

With your yacht now anchored off of Malmo, drive classic cars into Denmark’s capital of Copenhagen. Explore one of the world’s happiest cities and see its buzzy food courts, superb museums, and impressive gardens. Afterward, enjoy an afternoon at the Royal Danish Opera.

Navigate to Gothenburg next, where, alongside a local fisherman, you’ll catch lobsters and gather oysters around the Weather Islands. Snorkel and scuba dive the translucent waters around Bohuslän before an exclusive lunch within the fortified embrace of the old Marstrand fort.


Discover what Norway’s Southwest coast has to offer when explored by yacht. Surf the fjord peninsula at Hoddevika and, even in the height of summer, heli-ski the Tystigbreen Glacier. Paraglide from its peaks to alight beside your yacht’s tender.

Tap the adventurer within as you rappel the 262ft drop from Flydalsjuvet rock or tackle the Valldøla river by raft. Join the locals for some fishing, or have fun on the water with jet skis or other water sports as you explore Norway’s world-famous scenery.

Check in to an authentic Norwegian lodge for an evening, encircled by alpine grandeur. Awaken in Geiranger—the heart of the fjordland—beneath an array of snow-dusted peaks and surrounded by sparkling waterfalls.

Discover the Atlantic Road—the 50 miles from Kristiansun to Bud voted Norway’s best cycle route. Travel by mountain bike or e-bike before arriving at a glass hotel for fine dining surrounded by the grandeur of the Norwegian wilderness.