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Vin yards in the Andes in Mendoza’s prestigious Uco Valley


Top five adventure honeymoons

Explore our top five unforgettable honeymoons for couples with a shared passion for adventure and excitement.

Words by Dylan Grace Essertier

Romance and a rush—what better combination to follow all that wedding organization? Take you and your new spouse’s shared joy of exploration and dive into these top adventure honeymoon concepts, from seeing Komodo dragons in Indonesia to experiencing the beauty of rarely seen Patagonian deserts

1. Castaway in the Caribbean

riding horseback through the jungle
Aerial shot of a yacht anchored off a tropical beach

When To Go: December – April

Where You’ll Go

While the Windward Islands’ white sand beaches and gentle surf might seem the archipelago’s entire reason to be, you and your partner will experience this island’s untamed side—paraglide over the coconut palms, takes hikes through the jungle, and go off-roading on this barefoot luxury adventure with a twist.

What You’ll Do 

Your charter yacht allows you to experience all that the Caribbean offers. Snorkel teeming atolls, go whale spotting, and, accompanied by an expert, fish for snapper and white marlin before bringing it back on board for a seafood dinner for two cooked by your private chef. Back on land, kick that famous sugary sand up behind your horse’s hooves as you gallop along untouched Caribbean beaches. Or off-road through the lush jungle until you find a sparkling waterfall to cool off in together. 

What You’ll Learn  

Have an extraordinary shared cultural immersion as you meet one of the Caribbean’s last tribes and share in their way of life as you cook a traditional lunch.

For a truly unique honeymoon adventure, experience our Castaway Experience. Teaming up with an expert survival guide in the middle of pristine wilderness, you’ll forage for your lunch, build a fire without modern tools, and construct a getaway raft with only the materials available to you. 

2. Deep dive into off-the-beaten-path Indonesia

Aerial view of a remote island
Indonesian aquatic life

When To Go: April – October

Where You’ll Go

Bali may rightly be reputed as the prize gem among Indonesia’s many jungle-tousled, white-sand islands, but Moyo Island is the archipelago’s diamond in the rough. Overlooked by the crowds flocking to Bali, Moyo’s pristine beauty is a wonder to behold.

What You’ll Do

Sail your luxury yacht from Moyo to its surrounding islands and explore the undersea miracle that is Indonesia’s beneath the waves. Dive among black-tipped reef sharks patrolling sunken volcanic seascapes, glide through the ocean with elegant manta rays, or simply snorkel amid Indonesia’s remarkable oceangoing biodiversity in the gentle shallows.

What You’ll Learn

Learn the shipwright skills of the villagers of Savannah Island, coming to understand the techniques that have sustained this community’s way of life—and kept their phinisi boats afloat—for generations. Travel to mangrove-fringed Rinca Island to rendezvous with an expert ranger who will introduce you to its most remarkable residents including Komodo dragons, flying lizards, and various charismatic and cuddly monkey species.

3. Arabian adventures in Oman

Luxury desert camp under the Oman night sky
Buggy gliding in the Oman desert

When to go: October – April

Where You’ll Go

Think of Oman’s romantically rugged mountains as the strong and silent type, letting the surrounding dunes, cobalt-blue skies and stunning star-washed nightscapes do the talking.

What You’ll Do

You’ll venture out into the remarkable desert of The Empty Quarter, hike the slopes of Jebel Shams—Oman’s tallest mountain, and soak up the atmosphere of an Omani souk. Home is your private luxury-tented camp in the desert, beneath the stars, your Bedouin guide pouring the Arabic coffee as they unlock the secrets of this beautiful and inhospitable place. Wash the sand off your body by diving into the cool cerulean waters of the Arabian sea with a visit to the coast. Afterwards take a sailing trip into the reds and golds of the sunset, or dive in with nurse sharks for a heart-pumping encounter.

What You’ll Learn

Bring the aromatic spices and sticky sweet dates to your cooking class, where a local chef will tutor you in Omani cooking. Discover the story of Frankincense production in the Empty Quarter before joining an astronomer on the desolate heights of the Al Hajar mountains to peer into the depths of the universe. Seek a glimpse of the ultra rare Arabian leopard in a closed nature reserve while acquiring leopard tracking skills from your companions—an expert tracker and a conservationist.

4. Wildlife and wild experiences in Greenland

kayak through the ice berg-filled waters
dog sledding through the trees

When to go: May – September

Where You’ll Go

Unbridled Greenland, in all its icy immensity, welcomes expertise. With Pelorus at your side, you can relax and enjoy the icebergs, fjords, and intriguing indigenous culture that add up to make this a truly great wilderness.

What You’ll Do 

Gliding across the ocean on your luxury yacht charter, explore serene fjords, verdant coast speckled with houses painted in primary colors, and bays glinting with icebergs. Move in for a closer look on your kayak and dive with orca and narwhals. Prefer to engage with something a little smaller? Take a seat in the 4×4 in pursuit of the stoic musk ox or darting Arctic foxes. Go dog-sledding accompanied by an expert guide, have a picnic on a glacier, and maximise the coziness by staying a night in a remote camp in the vast wilderness. To truly make the most of Greenland’s skiing potential, take a helicopter ride into the scenic hinterland before skiing utterly remote routes surrounded only by raw nature. 

What You’ll Learn

With a naturalist on board your yacht, the miraculous ecosystem beneath your hull will be described in fascinating detail. u003c/pu003e

5. Sip and savour in Patagonia

Vineyards in the Andes in Mendoza’s prestigious Uco Valley
romantic meal set up after an evening of horseback riding

When to go: December – March 

Where You’ll Go

Patagonia is a spectacular and varied wilderness. The lakes near to the gateway town of Bariloche are superb for fishing, while the soaring, spectacular topography of Torres del Paine is fantastic for hiking or ice trekking. What you burn off in the clean high altitudes you’ll replace at a traditional Argentinian barbecue called an Asado, pairing a full-bodied Argentinian Malbec with a thick, perfectly seared steak. You’ll also track the provenance of your wine with a visit to the Mendoza region.

What You’ll Do

Near the bottom of the world you’ll find over 50,000 acres of glorious, unique land enclosed within Torres del Paine National Park. Argentina’s most eye-catching national park makes even an ordinary hike feel like something fresh and novel. You’ll also be able to take a helicopter to visit a glacier; seek out the best fly fishing with a knowledgeable guide, and go mountaineering or biking while tracking the magnificent Patagonian puma. As the sun begins to set on this natural wonderland, sink into your alfresco hot tub at your luxury villa, pour some wine, and enjoy the show.

You’ll fly to Bariloche in the north for the next part of your trip, where you’ll experience all the lakes have to offer near this gateway to the park. A private yacht will transport you to the shores of Nahuel Huapi Lake where a gourmet lunch awaits. Canter through your new surroundings on horseback, exploring its harder-to-reach regions. Finally, tucked up in your fully serviced luxury camp, gaze up at the night’s sky while your personal astronomer directs your attention around the diamond-bright constellations.

The final leg of your journey involves tasting the wines from the renowned Uco Valley in the Andean Mendoza region. You’ll gallop on horseback to the Manzano Historico where Argentine gauchos will lead you on an engrossing tour. At the summit, you’ll breathe in the rich smells of your dinner as the steak and short ribs crackle and pop over the cooking fire.

What You’ll Learn

You’ll discover Patagonia’s remarkable landscapes, while the gastronomic emphasis that runs throughout this gourmet itinerary will ensure that you’ll return home a devotee of Argentine food and wine.