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DB Family Diving Experiences


Epic Diving Experiences for Families

Whether it’s about coming face to face with ocean giants or discovering a colourful and complex ocean bed, these experiences are ideal for a family-friendly diving adventure, sure to rocket to the top of your diving bucket list.

Pelorus excels at designing outstanding dive-focused family adventures. You’ll be traveling in family-friendly yachts on the sea, while on land, you’ll be ensconced in beachfront boutique hotels or out-of-this-world luxury glamping tents.

With expert dive instructors, our yachts’ cruising capabilities, and PADI Dive Center Certificates, we’re perfectly positioned to make your little adventurer’s first experience beneath the waves utterly inspirational. For the more experienced, the guides are on hand for whatever level of exploration you’d like to descend to.  

Take the whole family on a Jacques Costeau adventure in one of our sensational submersibles, available to launch from your yacht or to charter as a component of your land-based vacation.

It’s a big ocean out there, but with a tailormade itinerary from Pelorus, we can create vacations in exotic locations where every dive below the surface is freighted with wonder and new discoveries. Read on for a few of our favorite family diving adventures, each of which is available to tailor how you’d like:

Solomon Islands’ Reefs and Wrecks

The Solomon Islands’ on-land and off-shore tropical beauty—and sheer, striking variation of dive sites, both shallow and deep—ensures wide-eyed wonder for the whole family. In the enticingly-named Coral Triangle, dive the Leru Cut reef canyon and the Blue Wall with its mesmerizing nudibranch shelves. Here you’ll also find the world’s largest saltwater lagoon, Mbulo’s volcanic lava tubes, and the uncanny Mirror Pond reflecting the jungle above into the watery world below. Tag turtles under the guidance of rangers and seek out dugongs and crocodiles as part of local conservation efforts. To taste true Solomon Island culture, you’ll also prepare a traditional Melanesian feast on hot rocks as the sun melts into the horizon.

Explore Costa Rica’s Diving

Costa Rica is a country of remarkable natural charms. From its species-stuffed jungles to thriving coral, reefs, and volcanic vistas, it’s a country with everything required for a family adventure. 

Stay at a luxury tented camp nestled in the jungle, with the sunrise heralded by the chatter of toucans and macaws. Raft through the tangled jungle scrutinizing creeper-wrapped branches for lazing jaguars. Hop in a helicopter for a heli-surf adventure, watching the water below for pods of dolphins and breaching humpback whales before touching down beside glorious waves breaking on remote beaches.

Get closer than you ever thought you would to a hammerhead shark by tagging one yourself—guided by marine biologists—before returning it to the ocean as part of ongoing conservation efforts. And see how what is above in Costa Rica’s incredibly diverse jungles is reflected just offshore by diving on an unforgettable submersible adventure.

The cockpit’s orb will allow you and your family to see 360-degrees of ocean as you plunge into the blue, spotting manta rays, vigorous tuna, and hammerhead sharks.

Tanzania Family Diving Adventures

The paradisical archipelago of Zanzibar offers sumptuous island stays surrounded by turquoise seas brilliant with tropical fish. It’s also the ideal location for graduated experiences. We advise a bubble-maker course for the younger members of the family featuring rays and dugongs while the others strike out for dolphin and whale shark encounters.

Night diving is also extremely rewarding here, and there are underwater caves to explore in which you’ll find species such as moray eels and dolphins. Get involved in conservation opportunities such as coral planting to help preserve the reefs.

For something completely different, take the children to sail down Kenya’s Shela Dunes on a sandboard or take advantage of being in Africa to go on a safari to see elephants and giraffes along this remarkable and quiet stretch of coast.

Whale Sharks and Submersibles in Honduras & Belize

The Honduras Islands are on every in-the-know diver’s wish list. Beneath the gently lapping surface of its seas lies intriguing wrecks, rippling shallows, and light-dappled whale sharks. The sheltered nature of its dive sites makes it ideal for a family diving experience, while its Belize Barrier Reef and gripping jungle treks round it out into a full-blown adventure vacation.  

Chopper over the Great Blue Hole before back-rolling into this 410ft sinkhole for an extraordinary diving experience alongside Pelorus experts. Our yachts in Central America and the Caribbean also have superb capabilities for submersible expeditions—perfect for a taste of the life aquatic.

Easygoing Diving and Conservation in French Polynesia

This string of lushly jungled islands are ideal for families who are after a trip with a slower, gentler pace. The nearby Tuamotu and Society islands’ reef-protected coral gardens make for wonderful introductory diving expeditions, while those with more experience can make their way to the enticing drop offs.

A visit to French Polynesia also offers access to coral conservation projects, pearl farms and vanilla orchid plantations. And all of that in among a vibrant culture and engaging locals—paradise found.

Rainforests in friendly Fiji

With its dramatic sunken landscape and proliferation of soft coral, Fiji is a fantastic destination for divers of all ages and abilities.

Among the experiences available here are gliding through the water alongside manta rays, exploring the teeming coral of the island’s shallow lagoons, or take a heart-stopping dive among bull, tiger, and lemon sharks patrolling offshore sunken pinnacles.

Relax afterwards in your secluded jungle retreat or ride a horse through the jungle for a cultural immersion with the famously friendly Fijians. With the Blue Lanes initiative in place, guests can fly in to join a yacht with no travel restrictions.

Diving is only a single element of your grander overarching adventure. Pelorus prides itself on delivering experiences into the unknown—tropical or arctic, sailing or off-roading, luxury lodge or traveling safari camp.

Our success is a matter of matchless local knowledge, unparalleled service, and precision planning honed by our military background—it all adds up to an unforgettable experience for you and your family. At its core, a family diving adventure is about teaming up to learn and enjoy a shared hobby.