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vibrant coloured forests with snow capped mountains in the background


Our 5 favorite Fall adventures

Ditch the pumpkin spice and be daring. 

Words by Pelorus

The onset of fall is for many is the end of the adventure, a time to hunker down and await next year’s warmer months. At Pelorus, this is one of our favorite times to travel: fewer people, temperatures that are not too hot, and more authentic cultural encounters and festivals outside of the high season.

Here’s our five favorite experiences between September and November:

Morocco: From desert to snowcapped peaks

Luxury tents in the Moroccan desert
Dune buggy in the Moroccan desert

Explore Morocco in the fall’s cooler conditions,  promoting more extended daytime adventuring in its deserts or among its sky-scraping Atlas Mountains.

In control of a Predator Buggy, rip across the desolate dunes of the hauntingly beautiful Agafay Desert, searching for just the right amount of isolation and comfort for your camp. Beneath the clear desert sky, an astronomer will guide you around the constellations that shine with fierce clarity overhead.

On mountain bikes, accompanied by a private Pelorus guide, find your way to the broad base of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. Swap to a road bike, navigating the sinuous passes and taking in the mesmerizing landscape and sweeping views. You’ll stop to overnight in an authentic Shepherd’s Hut and spend time with locals at a Berber village, immersing yourself in the rustic culture.

The wonders of Sichuan

Panda climbing a tree in Chengdu
View of the Himalayas from Sichuan

Journey to Sichuan between September and November and you’re welcomed to this handsome corner of western China with pleasant temperatures and minimal rain. The incredible scenery found here is also blanketed in gorgeous fall colors, so it really is a perfect time for a hiking holiday.

Giant pandas are near sacred animals in China. You’ll join a conservation team that’s leading the way in preserving these remarkable animals. Teamed with an expert guide, you’ll have exclusive access as you become familiar with the panda’s behavior in the wild, the signs to look for to find one, and learn how the world’s rarest bear is being protected.

Plunge into the unspoiled Tibetan borderlands for a trek with no trail through some of the China’s most stunning scenery. Led only by our Pelorus guide’s expertise, you’ll traverse dramatic landscapes characterized by lush valleys and lofty peaks, their flanks coated in fall colors reflected in the surface of glassy lakes. In the world’s most populous country, you’re unlikely to see a single person on this tailor-made trek.   

Tracking bears in Transylvania

Bear cubs in the wilds of Romania
Forest covered slopes of a Romanian mountain

Travel to Transylvania and Europe’s largest remaining wilderness. With the days still warm and the woodland painted an autumnal palette of crimson and gold, it’s a wonderful time to explore this spectacular and varied countryside.   

Accompanied by the world champion Predator Fishing team, you’ll travel on an exclusive journey to the continent’s second largest river delta. There, with tips gleaned from the team’s local expertise, you’ll hone your fishing skills and later dine on your catch of the day. While at the delta, you’ll also spot its incredible birdlife and kayak in the company of biologists for a closer look at the delta’s denizens.

Journey from the vast Transylvanian meadows, by car or mountain bike, and into the forests of the rugged Carpathians. Here’s you’ll stay in a rustic hut and, advised by an expert gamekeeper, study the behavior of brown bears (members of the greatest concentration of this species on the continent). While observing their social interactions and playful (or otherwise) behavior with one another, other animals—including stags, wolves, and lynx—will also wander into view.

Floating round the Fjords of Norway

HMS Gassten in a Norwegian fjord
Sunset reflected on the waters of a Norwegian fjord

The fall is a quieter time for Norway’s world famous fjords and remarkable hiking trails—perfect for truly becoming immersed in its scenic grandeur.

And there’s no better way to see it’s off-the-beaten-path gems than on board a luxury yacht. Hop from jagged coastline to sheltered cove, from trekking to kayaking, without the hassle of packing or unpacking, or transfers from one incredible destination to the next.

Drop anchor in the shadow of Jostedalsbreen—continental Europe’s largest glacier. Hike its frozen face for a glorious picnic at its summit surrounded by incredible mountain views. Take in all the sinuous magnificence of the Geirangerfjord, often considered, with its towering cliffs and thundering waterfalls, one of the world’s most stunning fjords.

Find out what’s beneath the silvery surface of the water with a fishing trip on a private boat, before retiring to a lighthouse on a private island and having your catch of the day prepared for an unforgettable lunch.

The magic of the Middle East

Aerial view of Masada fort in Israel
Vineyards of Chateau Qanafar in Lebanon

With Israel and Lebanon’s arid climates, fall ushers in a pleasant reduction in temperatures, making it the ideal time of year in which to explore the culture and politics of these charismatic and complex countries.

Take in Israel’s scenic beauty and stillness while traveling with the Israel Defence Force to the Golan Heights. They’ll unpick this troubled region’s complex politics before, in jeeps, you’ll travel off-road to the demilitarised zone. Here, on the Syrian border, you’ll learn about the neighboring country’s civil war and the knock-on effects its had in the local area and beyond.

Lebanon has an ancient wine producing history and the fall heralds the grape harvest. At Domaine des Tourelles, the country’s oldest commercial winery, you’ll explore the strengths and characteristics of the local wines with the aid of a sommelier. Your visit rounds off with a dinner in the vineyard, the fall colors of the vine leaves embellished by the sunset.