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Timor Leste Aerial Coast

Yacht Experiences

Discover Timor Leste’s Thriving Reefs and Islands

Discover Timor Leste—one of Southeast Asia’s least explored countries. By yacht is the best way to delve into its paradise islands, colonial coastal towns, and glorious marine abundance. On a major migratory route for marine wildlife moving between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, you’ll dive down in a submersible for an unforgettable marine experience.

When to go:
June – November


Arrive in Timor Leste and travel through Dili’s lively waterfront to reach your yacht. After you’ve settled in, explore the capital city and hike to the giant Cristo Rei statue for a superb perspective on your new location. Hike to a remote beach to rendezvous with your yacht’s tender.

Back on your yacht, you’ll cruise to Autauro Island for an afternoon of diving or snorkeling Timor Leste’s teeming reefs.

The next morning, discover an off-the-beaten-path reef on the island’s east side. Explore with a dive guide or take a submersible into the depths.

Transfer by helicopter into the island’s interior before swapping to mountain or dirt bikes to discover the labyrinth of trails within. Enjoy a cultural immersion when you arrive at an isolated village.

Rise early the next day to scan the seas for blue whale flukes, dolphins, or dugongs. Depending on the situation, you can slip into the seas for an unforgettable swimming experience with these gentle giants.

Afterward, help local conservationists protect the reef before returning ashore for a hands-on deep dive into the cooking culture led by resident villagers.


Arriving in Atabae’s stunning bay, disembark in a submersible as you search the seabed for a lost WWII Japanese wreck only recently identified by the Australian Naval Survey, possibly discovering other unknown wrecks in this unexplored part of the bay.

Afterward, with your guides travel inland for a tour of an 18th-century Dutch fort lost to nature. Take off in your helicopter to access Timor Leste’s eucalyptus-covered mountains. Hike to the summit of Mount Ramelau to find the looming statue of the Virgin Mary and views over this entire southeast Asian nation. Race down from this vantage point on dirt tracks, tearing through the lush greenery on mountain tracks.


Take your submersible under to explore the thriving straits where the world’s healthiest population of Pygmy Blue Whales have made their home.

Surface and switch to a helicopter for a journey the length of this small country until you arrive at the hilltop village of Venilale. Teaming up with an ex-guerilla fighter, you’ll journey in search of a mysterious peak referred to as ‘The Lost World’. On the way, you’ll explore limestone caves and tunnels, some created by the Japanese army in the Second World War.

Awake at Jaco—a sacred, uninhabited island and Timor Leste’s most eastern extent. You’ll spend the day on this untouched paradise island, exploring the shallows while snorkeling or spearfishing and relaxing with spa treatments where the beach meets the lush palms.
If you can tear yourself away from the pampering, hike into the jungled interior and, alongside Pelorus guides, learn survival techniques. Come nightfall, gaze in wonder at the utterly unpolluted star-washed night sky.


After a laid-back breakfast, you’ll return to the mainland for a 4×4 journey to a lake full of wildlife—and estuarine crocodiles. Accompanied by your tribe guide, you’ll observe these impressive creatures through the lens of the indigenous culture where they’re regarded as sacred.

From the wilderness, you’ll travel to elegant Baucau, a thriving city with a colonial past. Take in its beautiful coastline before tackling nearby Mount Matebian with a guide. Return to your yacht by helicopter, enjoying the views of Timor Leste’s azure seas, rural villages, and lush wilderness.  


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