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The Ultimate Giftable Experiences

With Christmas just around the corner, splurge on that special someone with one of Pelorus’ life-changing experiences. Memories last a lifetime, so gift your loved ones something even the most discerning relative will approve of.

Pelorus and OceanSky Cruises – North Pole Airship Expedition

When to go
From price
$1.6 million
Ideal length
6 days

For something seriously unique, join Pelorus and OceanSky Cruises in this world-first expedition to the North Pole where you’ll be one of just a handful of people to step off an airship onto the endless white desert.

Your journey starts in the most northern city on the planet, Longyearbyen in Svalbard, where you will board the airship. Flying low and slow towards the pole, the unique route will see you searching for wildlife (think polar bears and whales) through the big panoramic windows and sections of glass floor. Sip on cocktails and enjoy a fine dining experience in a setting unlike any other while floating over icebergs.

Wake up in one of the most remote places on earth: the North Pole. From snowmobiling and skiing to Arctic safaris and zodiac sailing, there’s a seemingly endless roster of activities. Enjoy lunch out on the snow (there isn’t any land here so you’ll actually be walking on continental ice) before starting your panoramic journey back over the arctic landscape. This is a flying experience like no other.

Antarctica – Heli-skiing and Forgotten Wrecks

When to go
From price
$2.6 million
Ideal length
14 days

Be among a select few to discover the most inaccessible place on Earth: Antarctica. Pelorus is pioneering heli-skiing, allowing you to reach the untouched peaks of the Antarctic peninsula. With yachts and two helicopters at your disposal, you’ll be able to ski further inland than ever before, being dropped off at one summit before flying on to the next. And, with the best ice pilots and expedition leaders and equipment fit for the harshest of climates, your heli-skiing adventure will go as smoothly as the slopes themselves.

But this life-changing experience on the seventh continent doesn’t stop at skiing. Explore the peninsula via kayak or ice climbing, or discover an Antarctic shipwreck with a support vessel of scientists and submarines in tow. But to fully immerse yourself in these icy depths, head out in a submersible to dive and see the 300-year-old shipwreck up close.

Helicopter in Antarctica yacht expedition Heli-skiing

“For intrepid travelers it’s hard to think of a better luxury experience gift than this truly unforgettable heli-skiing trip from Pelorus.”

Elite Traveler

World Whiskey Tour by Private Jet

When to go
From price
Ideal length
15 days

Traverse the globe by private jet on a world whiskey tour customized to your tastes. Beginning your journey in the comfort of your jet, you’ll warm up your taste buds with mini samples on board. Then it’s on to Japan, the United States, Ireland and Scotland where you’ll enjoy some of the rarest whiskies and bourbons, all while staying in complete luxury.

While you sip, you’ll get to experience the uniqueness of each culture. Discover the birthplace of bourbon in Kentucky, the exclusivity of whiskey making in Japan, and end your tour in the heart of Scotland as you sharpen your tasting skills along the way.

But it’s not just about the samples. You’ll go behind the scenes touring private distilleries, assisting in filling rare casks, and viewing vault collections that are off-limits to the public. Enjoy unique food and whiskey pairings while learning from the makers about the process behind the creation.

Completely custom to you, this experience can combine any activity to enrich your experience, as well as take you to additional countries to make for a truly special adventure.

* From prices shown are base rates and can vary based on destination, accommodation, vessel, dates and experiences chosen. Prices do not include flights.