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Dolomites Italy Summer


Adventure and Adrenaline in Italy’s Dolomite Mountains

The beauty of the Dolomites, even for long-time devotees, is always a surprise. Its ragged peaks, velvety alpine meadows and jewel-like lakes are the perfect eye-catching environment for your outdoor adventures. Marvel at the breath-taking scenery, and then be seduced by the Michelin-starred Italian fine dining.

When to go
Apr-Jun, Sept-Oct
From price
$13,600 pp*
Ideal length
7 nights


Admired for their striking profiles, the Dolomite mountains make for a fantastic alpine playground. Traveling by helicopter to your exclusive mountain lodge, you’ll be awestruck by the panoramic views en route. When you arrive, enjoy the Italian delicacies prepared by your private chef and sip on local wines imparting the aromas and flavors of the region. Take a mountain bike down the steep slopes of the Dolomites for a thrilling experience. Follow snaking paths through forest paths until the trees end, and you emerge from the dappled shade into a wildflower meadow, surrounded by the glorious mountain vistas of the range. Take a breather and have a freshly prepared picnic high in the mountains, snapping memento photographs of the picturesque views.


Descend from the heights to the sparkling, churning waters of the Puster Valley for a thrilling white-water rafting experience. Jump onto your raft and begin your journey down the river Eisack while immersed in nature and passing through a rarely seen side of the landscape.


Soar into the crisp, blue skies on a paragliding adventure for an eagle’s eye view of this UNESCO-listed landscape. Secure in your expert guide’s control, glide above the Dolomites’ picturesque mountains and valleys with the cascading falls, hidden lakes, and snaking rivers below twinkling in the sun like seams of silver.



Hike to the remote Lago Carezza, where cerulean waters gleam among craggy peaks and aromatic forest. Traverse steep slopes and rugged ridges and be rewarded with striking views across this enchanting lagoon. Continue your ascent on the Forcella Marcoira pass to an altitude of over 7500ft and a bird’s-eye perspective on the surrounding peaks.


Increase the adrenaline and hike high above the emerald Lago di Braies to reach via Ferrata routes embedded in the deep wild. You’ll access areas usually reserved for mountaineers and uncover fascinating tunnels created by WW1 troops. Secure in a safety harness and alongside a highly skilled guide, ascend rock walls, scale jutting ridges, and clamber across high passes, all while learning essential mountaineering skills.

After a full day’s adventure, dine on delicious, freshly prepared food crafted by renowned chefs while the mountain ridges kindle crimson with the setting sun. By night, the unpolluted sky is awash with stars, and, accompanied by an expert astronomer, you’ll see more in the night sky than you ever have before.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on a group of 6 traveling for 7 nights excluding international flights.


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