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The Game With Pelorus Hero

How Would You React to The Game?

The Game is an alternate reality. A world carefully created by professional production teams and actors, with the action choreographed in exclusive locations by special forces, intelligence agencies, and counter-terrorism experts.  

By simulating a series of life-changing events within a controlled environment, The Game pushes you to your limits—testing your determination and resolve in convincing high-pressure situations. The scenarios involved can range from conflict resolution, escape and evasion, or espionage.

The Espionage Challenge, one example of The Game, begins with a full day of training, followed by a two-day spy mission, then concluding with a follow-up summary day. Set to test mental, physical, and emotional fortitude, you will learn to operate independently and as part of a team in this highly-classified and fully immersive mission alongside ex-special unit veterans. 

It’s a chance to test your beliefs about yourself. To discover, in extraordinary conditions, how you’d react. Would you cope in a hostage situation? Could you negotiate? Would you risk self-sacrifice for others, or would you seize your own chance to escape?