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Head of Yacht Expeditions

Elise Ciappara

Elise grew up on the coast of Pembrokeshire, Wales. She has been in the yachting industry for 10 years, working as chief and purser on world travelling yachts from 30 – 90 meters, both private and charter. During this time, she has sailed across the equator in the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic, over the Arctic circle, and crossed the Atlantic numerous times. Holding qualifications in with WSET for Wine, Scottish Whisky and International Bartending as well as a Diploma in Norse Mythology, she is currently studying for further qualifications in Comparative Mythology, exploring storytelling trends from all over the world. At Pelorus, Elise is Head of Yacht Expeditions, working with guests, captains and brokers to provide innovative and unique experiences around the world, always with conservation and innovation at the forefront.

Yacht fam trip Elise Ciappara Elise Ciappara in Tahiti
Aerial Shot of the Brando Head of Yacht Expeditions

Number one unforgettable travel experience?

Swimming with a mother and baby humpback off the coast in Morea, French Polynesia, it still gives me goosebumps! We weren’t expecting to see any but spotted the pair as we came back from a coral planting session. Immediately cutting the tender engine we observed for a while before our talented guide determined it would be safe to get in the water and get closer to them. He instructed us in the proper ways to behave and off we went. It’s hard to put into words the feeling of being next to such vast creatures. One of my favourite things about yachting is the ability to take advantage of unexpected gifts like this


Top of your travel bucket list?

Russia and the Trans Siberia Express. I have seen some of the experiences the Private Adventures team have arranged and I want to do them so badly! I love the idea of seeing so much of the world on one extended journey. Must do experiences as part of this would be discovering St Petersburg, hunting with golden eagles in Mongolia and if I timed it right, we would be able to finish and explore Kamchatka to spot the bears and sea otters


What excites you the most about your job?

I love how creative I can be, I get a huge amount of job satisfaction when our guests are absolutely blown away with their experience. I also love including the crews of the vessels we work with in the experiences – I know first-hand that often you go to, but don’t see, an area and it’s great to change that paradigm within yachting.


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