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66m Hodor yacht exterior and heli


Hodor: A Floating Toy Box for Experiential Travel

A close look at one of the most exciting and well-stocked support vessels available 

Photography by Clint Jenkins
Words by Pelorus

Supplied with tenders, toys, and aircraft-carrying facilities, HODOR is the gateway to adventure for all of those traveling on the LONIAN superyacht. This particular support vessel—the latest in a growing global fleet of so-called ‘shadow boats’—has garnered a great deal of attention for its astounding array of recreational assets ready and available to enhance its guests’ yachting experience.

The Incat Crowther-designed 217ft craft is the first in its Shadow Cat series. HODOR’s multihull design meets the demands of the luxury yacht market without any compromise on its seaworthiness. Born out of a collaboration between the owner and naval architects, HODOR is fully customized and offers ample deck and storage space, stability, and efficiency. Created with awareness to make the craft as safe as possible when guests are transferring between the two vessels, the level of luxury found on HODOR should also compliment that found on the mother ship.  

What Pelorus finds so profoundly exciting about HODOR is its capability to venture truly anywhere. Capable of supporting underwater exploration, heli trips, and offering an immense selection of recreational devices on land and sea, this craft offers it all.

On Board

A flexible space for the comings and goings of the vessel, the aft deck coordinates helicopter operations and carries a fleet of five tenders without affecting life on the mother ship. Forward of a spacious reception lounge is a fully certified and CAP437-compliant helipad, allowing guests to be transferred in comfort.

Offering flexibility is the large knuckle boom and twin-beam cranes on hand to launch and receive tenders, with the largest being a 56ft chase boat with four high-performance outboard engines. Elsewhere is stored HODOR’s submarine ready to launch for thrilling forays into the ocean depths.

The fun doesn’t end there. Within HODOR’s capacious embrace you’ll find storage for jet skis, dune buggies, all-terrain vehicles, and a mix of double and twin staterooms sleeping a crew of up to 20.

A luxury boarding lounge is found on the lower deck, with a multi-purpose balcony above the water level that doubles as a boarding platform for transfers between vessels. HODOR also includes an onboard hospital, equipped with a decompression chamber, NITROX, and O2 facilities to support diving excursions.

On top of all this incredible gear, HODOR reduces its greenhouse gas emissions with a special IMO Tier 3 compliant exhaust cleaning system. This element indicates how this vessel has been created with as much consideration of the exotic waters for which it is bound as the needs of adventurers.

At Pelorus, we are always searching for distinctive ways to offer peerless immersive experiences. On a mission to shape the future of luxury experiential travel, we believe that traveling by yacht offers the best way to discover the most remote destinations. And traveling with a support vessel such as HODOR—a treasure chest of recreational assets—unlocks all of the doors on an experiential travel voyage of a lifetime.