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Super Yacht Sub 3 exploring a wreck - credit Joachim Blomme


The Super Yacht Sub 3 (SYS3) was created specifically by U-Boat Worx to fit onboard superyachts. It provides best-in-class standards of submersible safety, performance, and versatility. It’s also one of the most easily integrated subs available to the yachting world, thanks to its compact size, relatively low weight, and flexible lifting points.


The SYS3 offers yacht owners and charterers the opportunity to explore below the waves.

The sub can be chartered on its own or transported worldwide. If you’re exploring the intriguing seabed of the Mediterranean, the SYS3 can be chartered alongside the excellent ALK support vessel.

Taking you down to depths of around 1000ft, the sub is perfect for getting close to WWII wrecks off the coast of Malta, or watching penguins shoot past in the frigid waters of Antarctica.