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The C-EXPLORER 3 is a state-of-the-art submersible that allows 360° panoramic views as you journey as deep as 984ft beneath the waves. With comfort, safety, and performance core to its design, the sub has space for two passengers and a pilot.

The C-EXPLORER 3 can be transported to a private or charter yacht anywhere in the world, provided the vessel has the requisite space and equipment for submersible operations. If exploring the depths of the Mediterranean, the support vessel ALK can be chartered as a mothership for launch and recovery.


With the C-EXPLORER 3, U-Boat Worx designed a sub ideal for deployment from private or charter yachts. It provides you with unfettered freedom to explore the seabed, go where divers have seldom, if ever, been, and uncover lost wrecks and spectacular reefs. It’s also possible for the sub to be used remotely by those staying ashore or for scientific research projects.