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Submersible Expeditions

Uncover the Secrets of the Ocean Floor

Journey where few have gone before as you slide beneath the waves in a comfortable, safe submersible. Whether you’re choosing to include a dive as a component of your land-based holiday, or you’re chartering a submarine to launch from a yacht or support vessel, Pelorus can help you fulfill your undersea ambitions.

With more than three-quarters of our oceans unexplored, descending into the deep remains a true adventure, accessible only to a fortunate few. With Pelorus, you can discover the mysteries of the watery realm and travel where only marine researchers, documentary camera crews, and scientists have gone before.

As submersible technology continues to advance, it is now possible to experience the ocean depths as never before. Read on to discover more about deep dive submersibles, with answers to the most common questions and information on chartering, pilot training, and where to find the very best dives.

Header image courtesy of U Boat Navigator and Eugene Tomashov.

Submersible Pilot Training

Whether you want to challenge yourself with a new proficiency or upskill your yacht’s crew, Pelorus can help with attaining submersible pilot or surface officer licences at a dedicated training centre in Curaçao.

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Curious about how deep you can travel in a submersible or what it feels like to be inside of one? Are you wondering if you need to receive any training, or do you have questions about safety? Hit the link below to have your questions answered.

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