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Male lion on an African safari


6 Extraordinary Wildlife Encounters

Discover six of the most unforgettable wildlife encounters that we offer as part of a luxury tailored travel experience. 

The rarest species, the ones that are the most precious to encounter, usually live in difficult-to-reach locales with plenty of places to hideaway. Finding them often requires a lifetime of experience, and we’re fortunate to have strong relationships with talented individuals who also share our strong conservation ethos. Here are six of the most remarkable encounters that we can include on a custom travel itinerary:

Polar bears in Svalbard

Firmly situated above the Arctic Circle, Svalbard, with its snowy expanses and imposing arctic sea cliffs, is an environment tailormade for the polar bear. With variations depending on the time of year, you’ll look for the bears from behind a yapping team of huskies, skirting Svalbard’s scenic coast in a zodiac, or by snowmobile. Reaching usually inaccessible locations, you’ll be awestruck watching these remarkable animals in their natural habitat.

Fruit bats in Zambia

Every year, the skies above Zambia’s Kasanka National Park turn black as millions of giant fruit bats return to one of their favorite feeding grounds. Using ladders to get above the forest canopy and into the heart of this phenomenal experience, you’ll be engulfed in the bats’ screeching and dazzled by the spectacle of the eagles swooping in to hunt.

Snow leopards in India

Working with the same guides who teamed up with the BBC Planet Earth film crew for its remarkable footage of snow leopards in the mountains of north India, you can have the opportunity to see this near-mystical large cat with Pelorus. Tracking these stealthy, sensitive animals is a matter of patience and—considering snow leopards live in some of the harshest environments on the planet—fitness. Nothing is guaranteed with a snow leopard, but this experience will give you your best possible chance at seeing one amid the snowy crags.

Hammerhead sharks in the Galapagos

The remarkable nature of the Galapagos Islands—above and below the water—needs little introduction. However less well known is how hammerhead sharks gather here in huge numbers. Make like a marine iguana and dive into the water among them, marveling at the swirling schools of this mysterious fish. Exploring the water around these isolated, Ecuadorian isalnds has to be on all serious divers’ bucket lists.

Pumas in Patagonia

Enter Patagonia’s Torres del Paine National Park and it’s immediately apparent that such a charismatic landscape needs an equally charismatic star. With the assistance of a team of experts, you’ll pursue the Andean puma—Patagonia’s largest predator—through the snow-capped granite peaks of this stunning park. Traveling by foot, you and your team, in constant radio contact, will fan out across the wilderness to optimize your chances of an extraordinary sighting.

Wolves in Northern Norway

Travel to within the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway for an unforgettable encounter with wolves. Accompanied by experts, you’ll slowly gain the trust of these habituated animals on their territory. Once their trust builds, it’s possible they will bestow upon you a ‘wolf kiss’. An encounter that truly challenges one’s comfort zone, you’ll revel in the sense of being one of the pack as you and the wolves fall in line and walk together through the snow.