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Seals under the ice in Antarctica


Seven Worlds, One Unforgettable Experience

December 2019

As we near the end of 2019, Sir David Attenborough returns to our screen once more to present a new series, Seven Worlds, One Planet. Highlighting remarkable natural events occurring across our seven continents, the series features typically world-class wildlife photography capturing previously unseen stories in rarely explored environments. The stated aim of the series is to ‘celebrate the diversity of life’ on each continent, while poignantly exploring the ‘many challenges faced by animals in a modern world’.

Pelorus shines the spotlight on responsible luxury travel with its tailored research journeys, that, through ground-breaking experiences, deliver exclusive access for guests to many of the planet’s hidden secrets. Each journey is built afresh from the ground up, employing our global network of local experts and a matchless black book of world-class scientists, archaeologists, marine biologists, and conservationists.

Snub-nosed monkeys in China
Whale shark in the seas of Australasia


The most hostile continent and perhaps the most intriguing, Antarctica has long been considered one of the planet’s most inaccessible corners. As a member of IAATO, our guests will visit the scientific research base where the hole in the ozone layer was first discovered. Today, this, one of Antarctica’s longest-running bases, contributes hugely to research on global warming.

Your experience begins with a thrilling helicopter trip to Antarctica’s most northerly Emperor Penguin colony. Under the guidance of an expert Pelorus naturalist, you’ll learn how to identify and track individual penguins during a week-long collaborative research project.

Have a first-hand experience of this otherworldly environment and climb into a zodiac to find humpback whales and curious seals. Alternatively, discover this awe-inspiring White Desert at your own pace with a kayak journey through unchartered waters, led by a Pelorus kayak guide with over three decades of experience.


This vast continent is home to a dazzling array of species. With contacts at the World Wildlife Foundation, Pelorus can provide an unforgettable, up-close panda encounter in Chengdu, at a breeding and conservation center set deep in the mountains. You’ll help in feeding, mucking out enclosures, and bringing the pandas their beloved bamboo, while supervised by conservation specialists and local handlers.

Travel through verdant forests on the trail of one of the stars of the forthcoming series and one of the world’s rarest creatures, the snub-nosed monkey. Discover how the legend of the Yeti came about while learning about the hidden life of this intriguing primate, followed by a cultural immersion in the mountain village of Tacheng. Here, you can also witness the majesty of the Yangtze River.

Wolf pack in Norway, Europe
Dart frog in South America

South America

The world’s most species-rich continent, South America is a fascinating destination for a nature lover, where animals adapt to hard-fought niches across a dazzling array of environments. In the company of an expert biologist, you’ll venture into Colombia’s tropical dry forest to learn about a conservation project concerning the endangered cotton-top tamarin monkey, featured in the series.

Journey into the thrillingly biodiverse Peruvian Amazon to locate the Peru poison dart frog. Help conservationists discover vital information about this fascinating and endangered species’ ecology and habitat.

Collar jaguars next in the Pantanal—the planet’s largest wetland plain. In this once-in-a-lifetime experience, you’ll track, sedate, and collar these remarkable big cats alongside conservationists and scientists.

Travel south to the staggering beauty of Patagonia to track the region’s largest big cat, the puma. In the company of a team of experts, you’ll venture into the mountains to locate these elusive creatures on foot. To optimize your chances of a sensational sighting, your guide will keep in radio contact with the others.


Let Pelorus lead you on a journey into this ‘continent of weirdos, beautiful animals and things you won’t have seen in other places’.

Discover Australia’s rugged western coast, where the immense outback meets the blue of the sea. You’ll find Ningaloo reef, the world’s third largest fringing reef, out west, with its many whale sharks, humpback whales, dugongs, and more. Experience the biodiversity found here by plunging into the depths with a Pelorus dive master and conservationist. Monitor the whale sharks you encounter to help establish a better picture of their migratory habits.

To see Australia’s iconic land-based wildlife, travel to see the panoramic scenery of Cape Range National Park. You’ll spot its red kangaroos, echidnas, and fascinating bird life while walking scenic trails winding through the park.

Polar bear in Canada
Baby elephant in Africa


Venture into this beautiful and varied continent’s wildest corners to uncover intriguing wildlife. You’ll journey into Romania’s Piatra Craiului National Park with an expert Pelorus guide, seeing its towering gorges, cascading falls, and silent caves as you make your way to a mountain hide. When the sun slips behind the horizon, bears emerge to forage for food. Concealed in your hut, and in complete safety, you’ll enjoy an incredible experience observing these majestic animals in their natural habitat.

Travel north for an extraordinary encounter with the wolves of Northern Norway. Accompanied by Pelorus experts and local naturalists, you’ll venture into close contact while learning about methods of communication and behavioral patterns. See the world’s most northerly wildlife park and seek the musk oxen that quietly wander the arctic wilderness.

North America

A trip to Baffin Island offers a remarkable insight into life inside of the Arctic Circle. Travel by dog sled, as you slide over ice feel yourself connecting with the imposing landscape and the art of survival at these hostile latitudes. Track polar bears through the snowy plains, passing by sculptural ice formations and seals asleep on the ice.

You’ll also have a cultural immersion with Baffin Island’s Inuit tribes by attending a drum dancing and throat singing performance—an increasingly rare tradition among modern Inuit communities. Your expert Pelorus guide will help you delve deeper into how this ancient community has managed to live in sustainable harmony with the world around them.


Pelorus has close ties with a wide-ranging network of uniquely qualified experts—including researchers, conservation scientists, and anti-poaching units—located in Africa’s safari heartlands.

The most affecting way of discovering the natural majesty of the Serengeti and the Mara is through engaging with the vital conservation work undertaken there. Guided by experts in their field, you’ll contribute by tracking collared elephants aiding understanding of elephants’ shifting migratory patterns.

You’ll experience first-hand the deep connection that researchers form with the cheetahs that they’re observing, while also interacting with these remarkable big cats. And you will spend time with rangers, traveling around the huge swathes of untouched bush they patrol on the lookout for invading poachers.