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ko hong lagoon thailand

Yacht Experiences

Secret Islands in Myanmar & Southern Thailand

Discover the off-the-beaten-path regions of Southern Thailand and Myanmar on this exciting and varied adventure. Cruise to an exclusive jungle spa in the Mergui Archipelago, survive stranded on an island and take a submersible to see whale sharks.

When to go:
November – May


Fly in over Phuket’s golden sands before being escorted to your yacht from the airport. Cruise to the spectacular Surin Islands where you’ll have a cultural immersion with the ancient sea-faring people known as the Moken. Welcomed by your Moken guide, you’ll learn more about their culture and traditions before snorkeling in search of sharks and sea turtles.

Your next day with the Moken sees you collected in their traditional ‘long tail boats’ and taken to their villages built on stilts above the sparkling sea. Your crew and the tribespeople will prepare a delicious beach picnic lunch as you listen to their ancestral stories and traditional music. Venture into the forest with a Moken guide on an educational foraging expedition for edible and medicinal plants, while also spotting monkeys and hornbills.

Leaving Thai waters on an overnight cruise, you’ll cross into Myanmar at Kawthoung. After your captain has completed all custom formalities, depart the mainland and set a course for the Mergui Archipelago. Anchored in this idyllic location, find your yoga instructor awaiting you at the swim platform for a paddleboard yoga session.

Swap your paddleboard for a kayak and alongside a Pelorus guide, look out for the array of birds, reptiles, and marine life that live in the mangroves. Come evening, dine beneath the stars while you enjoy local musicians and fire dancing performances before a private fireworks finale.


When you awake, you’ll have arrived at Great Swinton Island. A Burmese Buddhist monk will arrive on board and perform a blessing for you, your crew, and your yacht.

Your afternoon will also feel blessed as you arrive at a remote ‘jungle spa’ , created by Pelorus in an isolated location on the island. Following your treatments, bathe in the freshwater rivers or stand beneath the cascading falls.

Your second day here will see you, along with your team and a survival expert, stranded on a remote island. After a briefing from the survival expert, you’ll hike across the island, reading maps, collecting items, and practicing survival techniques as you progress. Arriving at the designated beach, lunch will depend on the success of your hunting, fishing, or foraging, as well as your skill in building a fire from scratch.

After this, you’ll gather whatever you can find on the beach—as well as whatever you found on the walk there—to construct rafts. Whichever team arrives first back at the yacht is the winner.


You’ll set a course next for the islet of High Rock where you’ll explore its impressive reefs teeming with glassfish, blue line snapper, and barracuda while diving or in a submersible.

If you’re there between February and May, the plentiful plankton draws in the whale sharks and the manta rays. Assist in exclusive conservation efforts, helping scientists gain a greater understanding of the rays’ migration patterns.

Your expedition’s finale returns you to Thailand. Dive to renowned Richelieu Rock before trying your hand at underwater photography alongside your guide. Exposures captured, it’s time to transfer by helicopter to a meeting with a champion Thai kickboxer. You’ll learn the art of Muay Thai from him before observing an exclusive boxing match between two renowned professionals.

After the fearsome kicks, spend the evening in the lagoons and dark caves of Ko Hong on a kayak. Here you’ll observe the enchanting bioluminescent plankton shooting color through the dark waves beneath your paddles.