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Chad Desert Camel Caravan Hero


Sculpted Desert and Secret Safaris of Chad

The African road-less-travelled leads to Chad—an arid country of diverse and beautiful terrain. Safari opportunities abound among its volcanic mountains, sandstone peaks and grassy plains. A desintation for the intrepid traveler, come for an epic adventure amid ancient cultures and nomadic peoples.

When to go
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$13,000 pp*
Ideal length
7 nights


Your adventure in Chad starts at N’Djamena. The capital of this north-central African state is charged with life amid its bazaars, cafes, and bars. You’ll leave the hustle and bustle behind as you take a private charter flight to central Chad with its remarkable desert vistas and scarcity of people.

Absorb the dry heat of the desert town of Fada—the Ennedi region’s historic capital. Explore the Saharan streets of mudbrick houses and the town’s marketplaces. In a private helicopter, begin a heli-safari into the astonishing wilderness of the Ennedi Plateau.

Admire the remarkable sandstone sculptures below forged by scorching desert winds, and fly over shadowy ravines and mountainous dunes. Arrive at Camp Warda—a crescent of white tents sheltered in the lee of sheer sandstone cliffs. Retreat from the heat into your bulbous white tents with their private showers and relax on the soft duvets. At night, besides a crackling fire, feast on barbecued meats, fragrant bread, and delicious wines.


After breakfast, discover this incredible sculpted landscape surrounding you, with descriptions such as ‘cathedrals’ and ‘castles’ attached to the sandstone formations. Deep into the desert, you’ll see ancient rock art and petroglyphs preserved for millennia by the dry air. Explore the twists and turns of the Oyo Labyrinth, a remarkable, water-sculpted thicket of sandstone towers and hummocks.

While staying at Camp Warda, take advantage of its unparalleled access to sights that include Archei’s famous guelta—a crocodile-filled oasis that supports the nomadic herders and their camels. Peer up at the Aloba Arch arcing up nearly 400ft into the cobalt blue desert sky. Delight in the soft breezes of the oases riffling the palm leaves as you see the flora and fauna supported in this incredible desert haven.

Explore this UNESCO-protected plateau from above with a heli-tour, your pilot weaving between the remarkable formations. Disembark with your experienced guides and travel by jeep or on foot to reach exclusive outlooks.


Leave the Ennedi Plateau by private plane and watch as the landscape changes from Saharan red and brown to the lush green and gold of Zakouma National Park.

This floodplain and savannah wilderness, sandwiched between the northerly desert and southerly rainforests, is a conservation success story. You’ll arrive first at your Tinga Camp superior chalet on the banks of the eponymous river. After a dinner of western and Chadian cuisine, retire to your double bed before tomorrow’s adventure.

You’ll embark on private game drives through Zakouma’s tall grass, learning how the park had lost 4000 members of its elephant population to the ivory trade. You’ll see the positive effects of its conservation efforts among the rugged bush, see the wandering elephants (their numbers slowly recovering), and other species such as buffalo and more than half the global population of Kordofan giraffe.

Back at camp, relax and watch the endemic birdlife and grazing animals. As the sunset kindles the tips of the grasses, immerse yourself in the savannah with a private bush dinner in absolute seclusion.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 2 adults traveling for 7 nights excluding international flights.