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Rimor-X Profile Render


RIMOR-X: A Yacht for the Future Generation

As we look ahead, ready to pack our bags and design ever more ambitious trips than before, Pelorus Yacht Expeditions has been collaborating behind the scenes with London-based Sturge Design studio in the development of the new 315ft explorer yacht concept, RIMOR-X.

The exterior styling of the visionary new superyacht concept, RIMOR-X (‘rimor’ is Latin for “explorer”), has been masterminded by designer Ben Julian Toth, with the Pelorus Yacht Expeditions division on board as technical advisors. It’s a design reflective of a burgeoning trend in the yacht travel sphere to reach ever more remote destinations while traveling in state-of-the-art luxury and with fit-for-purpose design features, equipment, and performance.

RIMOR-X visually unites the beauty and might of its natural environment with an unmistakable call towards fierce environments, new adventures, and bold expeditions for lasting memories…” Toth says, “and Pelorus has the knowledge and know-how in leading the adventurous experiences the clients are after.”

In a recent interview with Superyacht News, Toby Sturge commented that “While this project is currently a concept, there has been great thought and consideration put into the design. Many expedition projects to date have been relatively similar, not necessarily from an exterior design perspective, but more in terms of their lifestyle and usage. This is where Pelorus’ experience is invaluable because the team has seen, first hand, not only what is required in terms of technical spaces, but also how these types of clients like to spend their time when not hiking, skiing, trekking, and so on. The aim was to create intimate areas where owners, families, and guests were able to unwind and reflect on their experiences, but also to keep experiencing them.”

RIMOR X Pool House Interior

“This is where Pelorus’ experience is invaluable… the team has seen, first hand, not only what is required in terms of technical spaces, but also how these types of clients like to spend their time…”

Toby Sturge
Design Director of Sturge Design

While traveling on this five-deck, 4000GT megayacht, seven staterooms will provide the sleeping quarters for up to 14 guests. These comprise four double suites on the lower deck, two VIP apartments on the main deck, and a dedicated owner’s deck. Of note is the way in which RIMOR-X caters to the entire family with an array of onboard amenities and spaces that will help maximize adventure while traveling through harsh environments. The ‘Mermaid Lounge’ is a semi-submerged lounge with a 21ft-tall window. This will provide a constant view into the underwater world, especially useful when conditions are not suitable for children or the elderly, or when diving or snorkeling is not possible.

Pelorus Co-Founder Jimmy Carroll explains that “We are designing an increasingly large number of multigenerational yacht trips. This provides a variety of interesting challenges in relation to accommodating every guest. When you have three or even four-family generations on board, it is sometimes impossible to have everyone doing the same activity. Where diving is concerned, the ‘Mermaid Lounge’ is an excellent way for everyone to stay engaged in the activity. Those on board can share in the spectacular diving experience with those who are actively taking part.”

Other stand-out features are a 33ft main deck swimming pool with its own pool house-cum-helipad, a bridge deck Jacuzzi with fire pits, a sizeable gym, a spa, and a “mud” room for transitioning from a mud-splattered mountain trek or a frosty heli-skiing excursion to of the rest of the yacht. RIMOR-X will also transport a superb selection of specialist toys and equipment such as a submersible and snowmobiles.

The megayacht will also, unlike other explorer vessels in its class, divide separate functional working spaces from sumptuous social areas. “The yacht has been designed for the adventurous areas of the vessel to flow into the luxury, without the two necessarily diluting one another,” Sturge says.

The spacious living areas within provide panoramic views ensuring a connection with the world beyond the boat, whatever the weather. Jimmy adds that “RIMOR-X has been carefully designed so as to avoid her spaces feeling disconnected from her surroundings. What’s the point of exploring in beautiful destinations when you have only tiny windows to gaze out of? It’s about gaining as much exposure to the world as possible.”

“If our industry is to attract new, younger owners and clients, then we have to improve the onboard experience to achieve this,” Jimmy says. “RIMOR-X is the perfect family yacht to escape from our fast-paced way of life, to bring privacy, space, time and adventure; her innovative layout and design will set the new standard for future generations.”