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View From Window Over Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


Remote working can be an adventure

Welcome to our selection of dazzling remote working destinations, offering space to focus alongside a suite of thrilling and enhancing experiences located on your exotic doorstep.

‘For those no longer confined to their workplace or home office, a year or two spent working remotely could be the necessary antidote to months spent grounded.’ – Condé Nast Traveler


The trend of remote working is showing no signs of slowing down. And a change of scene can be truly inspiring, especially if it’s from a functional office environment to a supportive seaside hammock.

With pretty much anywhere in the world being a potential remote working ‘office’, it’s time to think creatively. Retreat to a cabana in the jungle with monkey-spotting safaris instead of coffee breaks. Return to zoom summit after lunch atop a mountain summit. Or wind down in the evening with the exploration of an astounding cultural site.

 ‘Adventure companies are seeing stays lengthen by around 30 per cent, with more of us than ever taking, say, a month to do what Jimmy Carroll, co-founder of Pelorus, terms a “deep dive” into one country.’ – The Daily Telegraph


To explore their remote working preferences, Pelorus founders Geordie and Jimmy decamped to beachfront Santa Teresa—Costa Rica’s surfer mecca. For a month, the pair worked out of a luxurious jungle retreat with views of the Pacific framed by palms. Taking the concept of ‘work hard, play hard’ to the next level, they broke up their zoom conferences with rafting, rappelling, and surfing the incredible breaks nearby.

Below you’ll find a selection of our best ideas for vacations from the office norm. With one of our yachts, you can truly work from anywhere. With space, comfort, and the opportunity to change the view from your desk whenever you choose, it’s the ultimate remote working solution.

Choose a ‘home away from home’ anywhere in the world and take advantage of the flexibility of the working from home megatrend. With telecommunications placing almost anywhere on the globe in reach of the virtual meeting room, think adventurously, from the poles to the equator—the world is your hotdesk.

It’s time to explore the future of work. 

Incredible Office Inspiration

Cayo Espanto, Belize

Head to the sunny heart of the Caribbean and set up in a luxury beach villa on an island (available for full buyout) encircled by teeming reefs. Take a boat ride—or helicopter if you have to be back at your desk sooner—to explore the nearby jungle, Altun Ha and Lamanai cultural sites, or for a diving expedition into the extraordinary marine environment.

View from the Office to the Pontoon, Cayo Espanto, Belize, Remote Working
View from the Office to the sea, Cayo Espanto, Belize, Remote Working

The Nautilus, Maldives

While staying at The Nautilus on the Baa Atoll, you’re guaranteed all the peace and privacy your work focus requires. Need a change of scene ahead of the meeting? Make for the nearby sandbank or shady palms and procure refreshment whenever you require it from the exemplary resort service. Plunge into the warms seas when normally you’d be on your commute home, the darting, tropical fish slipping between your fingers. 

Nautilus Maldives Sunset Pool Villa Remote Working New Office
Authentic boat sailing past the exterior of the Nautilus private villas

Hacienda Cabo Velas, Costa Rica

Swap the office palms for the real deal and work in luxury Hacienda Cabo Velas in Costa Rica. This jungle retreat, set within a 1,700-acre peninsula, is the perfect balance of serene stay and rich adventure. Raft through the eastern jungles while being dazzled by the country’s remarkable biodiversity, or take the skies on a heli-surfing adventure searching for that perfect water-cooler wave.

Cabo Velas Private Suite Villa Costa Rica
Cabo Velas Costa Rica Verander Lounge

Necker Island, Caribbean

The exquisite combination of palms, sand, and sea that is Necker Island, as well as its entrepreneurial ties, makes it an inspirational remote working destination. After sending emails from a hammock or a sea-lapped cove, explore the gorgeous environment of this British Virgin Island while glimpsing its lemurs, iguanas, and scarlet ibis inhabitants.

Remote Working New Office at Master Suite Necker Island, Caribbean
Remote Working New Office Hammock Turtle Beach Necker Island, Caribbean

Laucala Island, Fiji

Drop into Laucala Island in the South Pacific—3460 acres of lush, wildlife-rich rainforest encircled by sugar sand beaches. The resort’s collection of 25 lavishly appointed villas (as well as a larger residence on a hill for the entire office to join you, if you wish) and its superb service ensure that no work or comfort need goes unmet. Take a break with a cultural immersion nearby, exploring the inspiring Fijian way of life.  

View from the villa lounge on Laucala Island, Remote Working New Office
Watching sunset from a villa on Laucala Island, Fiji

Deplar Farm, Iceland

Deplar Farm is an outpost of rustic Icelandic architecture and contemporary design. With a helicopter at your service, you can switch from work to remarkable experience at speed: whale watching, lake fishing, snowmobiling, or simply a hike amid the Troll Peninsula’s snowy drama; it’s all on your lodge doorstep.  

Remote Working New Office at Deplar Farm, Iceland
Remote Working New Office at Deplar Farm, Iceland

SHERAKHAN, 69.65m Yacht

SHERAKHAN, with its fast internet, library,, and superbly equipped office, is an ideal solution for remote working anywhere on the high seas. With a spa therapist on board, removing stress after a high-octane workday is a simple matter. Its size and suite of gadgets and toys ensure that your family can remain entertained while you finish your call.

Sherakhan Yacht Interior Office Suite
Sherakhan expedition yacht selection of toys

MAGNA GRECIA, 63.8m Yacht

Despite its reputation as the premium party yacht, MAGNA GRECIA, with its capacity for up to 12 guests, is ideally suited to be your high seas work base. While you hold a conference call in the spacious owner’s suite office, your family can stay busy exploring MAGNA GRECIA’s impressive entertainment capabilities.

Magna Grecia Yacht Office Suite
Magna Grecia Yacht Toys Tenders

MISCHIEF, 30m Yacht

Made in the elegant style of an Indonesian Phinisi boat, the motor yacht MISCHIEF offers an office in its handsome Master stateroom alongside a secluded terrace to aid your focus while working onboard. This is the ideal craft for exploring the Indonesian Archipelago with three other cabins for family, friends, or colleagues.

Mischief Yacht Office Suite Remote Working
Mischief Yacht Alfresco Dining Crew Service Sunset

Pelorus Team Working Globally

With Pelorus operations split between our London HQ and our US office in Texas, it’s typical for team members to remote work from elsewhere in the world. Our Travel Designer Emma recently discovered the ideal ratio of work to fresh adventure while based in Spain.

Spain coastline sunset

“I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work from Alicante, Spain. This made my working day very exciting and different from my usual routine, my new working routine allowed me to make the most of the country I was in and helped with my creativity.”

Emma Higgins
Travel Designer

“In the mornings I was able to head down to the sea for a refreshing dip in the ocean, reconnecting me with nature before my working day commenced. During the day I had the comfort of working from a tranquil villa, this allowed me to work in complete solitude while taking in my surroundings.

Working abroad made me appreciate how important maximising my evenings and weekends were to my productivity. Being able to head out in the evening for a gourmet meal and immersing myself in the local culture enabled me to see things from a new perspective, making me realise how important it is for my clients to do the same.”

Spain Coastline
Emma in Spain on boat remote working