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islands raja ampat indonesia

Yacht Experiences


The island chain of Raja Ampat is a paradise of sugar-sand beaches, turquoise shallows, and verdant hills. Join a group of conservationists as they work to preserve this region’s manta ray population, as part of a deeply enriching yacht experience in one of the world’s most spectacular places.  

When to go:
October – April


Arrive in Sarong Airport and transfer to your yacht. Onboard, you’ll navigate to Batanta Island, the smallest of the chain’s quartet of larger islands, to discover first hand the natural miracle of this area’s thriving rainforest and reef.

Walk along the silken sands of Kawe Island’s beaches and snorkel the species-rich coral beneath the warm waves. You’ll meet Pelorus guides from Manta Trust who will advise you in how to spot different individuals among manta rays. This will be your entry point into an international research and conservation project that, through the monitoring of various factors that affect ray behavior, aims to stem the reduction of manta ray populations.

On to the Wayag Archipelago, often described as ‘the jewel of Raja Ampat’. With an expert Pelorus guide at your side, ascend to one of the islands’ summits for glorious views over the archipelago. On guided diving expeditions and paddleboarding forays, you’ll discover the wealth of marine life here, as well as join conservation rangers in feeding Blacktip Reef Sharks.


On to Misool Island, another of the four main islands of Raja Ampat, and its incredible Tomolol Bay—a field of karst islets and isles that forms a verdant labyrinth through the azure sea.

Through Pelorus negotiations with the local village leader, it’s possible to gain access to the Thousand Temples Islands. This mostly unexplored region is home to temples, pearl farms, and deep stalactite caves.

Cruise to Kiti Kiti, where an impressive waterfall empties directly into a scenic bay. A trusted water source by the locals, you can duck beneath its fresh water cascade for a refreshing natural shower, or take a snorkel to see the island’s endemic—and sometimes undiscovered—species. Relax on the beach or search for tree kangaroos in the island’s forested hinterland.

On to Triton Bay, a mostly unexplored region surrounded by jungle, with its waters peppered with orchid-speckled karst islands. See hornbills, parrots and carnivorous Nepenthe flowers above the water, and sharks, turtles, and Bryde’s whales with calves in the depths.

Cruise to Namatota and the welcoming village of ‘Maimai’. Here, in an authentic experience,  it is customary to ask the chief for his blessing to dive with the local whale sharks. See these stunning animals in their natural habitat and hopefully encounter some sperm whales also which are known to frequent these shores.