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Sudan Diving, Purposeful Yachting


Purposeful Ocean Exploration and Luxury Yachting

Sail onboard a luxury yacht in the discovery of oceans far and wide, alongside expert marine scientists, passionate about helping you partake in the crucial protection of the ocean and its incredible marine life.

Here at Pelorus, we believe it’s more important than ever to be intentional about travel. Discover the far corners of the world with a purpose in mind. 

Wherever you’d like to discover, Pelorus works closely with the Pelorus Foundation and other leading organisations in marine science to enable guests the chance to dive deep and discover the ocean while making a positive difference. 

Visit some of the world’s untouched regions onboard a luxury yacht, offering an exclusive and completely luxury vacation while contributing to the crucial research that needs to be carried out in these remote parts of our world. 


Support the West Indian Ocean Research Initiative alongside the Pelorus Foundation in this program, where you can assist with collecting crucial research data on the fascinating marine life in Mozambique’s waters. Discover mangrove forests, seagrass meadows and coral reef ecosystems as you dive and snorkel alongside an oceanographic scientist, and identify pods of whales together by microlight from the sky. All while basing your vacation onboard luxury yacht REEF PROTECTOR. 

Diving Bazaruto Archipelago
Mozambique reef marine species


This is the first time marine scientists are carrying out research in this area of the Red Sea by Sudan and Eritrea. Get involved on an immersive discovery of the surrounding oceans alongside the Pelorus Foundation and CORDIO, gaining information to be analysed by CORDIO and Seas4Life. A must for anyone wishing to embark on a vacation where they can learn about and contribute to life-changing discoveries of this incredible ecosystem. 

Geordie In Eritrea Sudan sea diving
Sudan sea diving