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Sudan Diving, Purposeful Yachting


Purposeful Ocean Exploration and Luxury Yachting

With a goal in mind, a  purpose for traveling to the edge of the map, your travel experience will be enriched and deepened. Travel on an epic luxury yacht voyage alongside marine scientists to the world’s most remote corners, uncover extraordinary discoveries, and contribute to the protection of the oceans—our most crucial ecosystem.

From Mozambique to the Red Sea, Pelorus offers guests the chance to explore the ocean depths in the company of marine scientists—an initiative made possible thanks to the Pelorus Foundation and its partner scientific organizations.

First-hand access is essential to conserving the natural world and, by connecting marine scientists with luxury yachts, Pelorus offers guests the unique experience of making authentically fresh discoveries. Huge swathes of our oceans remain dark to science, and it’s vital that we improve our understanding of these hidden spots to better evaluate our oceans’ health.

These areas are, by virtue of their remoteness, some of the most beautiful, unspoiled regions in the world. With its desire to protect and preserve at-risk environments, the Pelorus Foundation has partnered with organizations well placed to help you discover some of Africa’s most off-the-beaten-track seas, where a trove of scientific treasures wait to be discovered.

With the right combination of expert contacts and the correct vessel, a tailored Pelorus trip can contribute to making the next scientific breakthrough possible and deliver a fascinating adventure for our guests.

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Mozambique’s waters are as captivating as its game-rich plains. In place of the Big Five, you’ll see dugongs, thriving mangrove forests, and seagrass meadows. There’s also the opportunity for a land-based safari across the country’s Bazaruto archipelago.

Our foundation supports the West Indian Ocean Research Initiative. Its MO is collecting scientific data on a range of undersea ecosystems in an effort to protect at-risk species and precarious marine habitats. This is achieved by supplying authorities with their findings and working with local fishing communities to encourage a harmonious existence with the marine environment.

From August, as part of this research project, you will fly by microlight with an oceanographic scientist to track the feeding patterns of dugongs and locate whale pods across the Bazaruto archipelago. Dive into these pristine waters and snorkel to measure the coastline’s health, before analyzing your findings over sundowners on the bow of your luxury yacht REEF PROTECTOR.

Diving Bazaruto Archipelago
Mozambique reef marine species


This program, which operates in uncharted waters, will see marine scientists, for the first time, survey and check Sudan and Eritrea’s coastal waters. An exciting expedition opportunity to be involved in world-first discoveries while exploring the adventurous and beautiful Red Sea.

In partnership with CORDIO, the Pelorus Foundation is pioneering a Sea Check system. Its purpose will be to analyze the sea’s health, feed it back to CORDIO and Seas4Life for further analysis before the data is later used to raise awareness. This exciting opportunity is best suited to guests keen on broadening their knowledge of our ocean’s health, observing marine creatures, and monitoring the anthropogenic effects upon this delicate ecosystem.

Africa is a remarkable destination in which to engage in marine research. Surrounded by coastal beauty, fascinating marine species, and some of our planet’s least understood waters, momentous encounters both above and below the waterline are guaranteed.

By aligning marine scientists with our private yachts, Pelorus provides the ideal base from which vital marine research can be completed. Alongside the research, our guests benefit from eye-opening experiences in the natural world that inspire a profound understanding of the intricacies of the conservation process.

This paradigm, of accessing the usually inaccessible with a luxury yacht while accompanied by marine scientists, is catching on.

Geordie In Eritrea Sudan sea diving
Sudan sea diving


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