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‘Sustainable,’ ‘ethical,’ ‘purpose-led’ – these words and similar are shaping how we travel now and in the future, helping to bring about positive change in the way travelers interact with the natural world and everything that relies on its existence.

With the pandemic came a drawn-out hiatus. Two years of stymied movement, with huge repercussions for the travel industry and the people across the globe who rely on it. The hiatus also offered a chance to reflect.

The Pelorus team, unable to fulfill its purpose as an experiential travel company delivering clients to rarely seen regions of the world, took the opportunity to focus on travel imbued with real purpose. As Travel bounces back, we’re excited for what’s next.

Zebras Running Away in Tsavo National Park Kenya

“Experiential travel company Pelorus is also focusing on ‘giving back’, with the announcement of the launch of the Pelorus Foundation, a stand-alone, registered charity with a dedicated team and board of trustees to ensure it delivers far more than a traditional travel company foundation.”


After all that enforced waiting, it’s time to use those frustrated ambitions to slingshot your plans into the stratosphere. That once-in-a-lifetime journey you’ve been dreaming of? Now’s the time, and we would like to inspire you to select adventures that have a purpose-led edge. Deeply rewarding experiences that contribute to the environment’s well-being or the cultural heritage of communities in the destination you’re yearning to experience. Maybe this will mean a longer trip to ensure you develop a deep understanding of your chosen locale?

This year has established regenerative travel as an ongoing trend that will only grow. Our launch of the Pelorus Foundation, a proactive conservation arm, is us sharing the desire to do more for endangered wildlife and at-risk environments worldwide.

Many of our Foundation’s ground-breaking conservation initiatives are supported by your wish to explore as well as positively contribute while in situ. Through this, we’ve become world leaders in experiential conservation, putting you at the heart of essential preservation projects. Read on for some examples of what we can achieve together.

Research Whales in Antarctica

We’ve teamed up with marine scientists working on a landmark whale conservation initiative in the Antarctic Peninsula to bring you an exclusive opportunity. Chartering one of our world-class superyachts, you’ll contribute to acquiring essential research that’ll inform the team’s work.

You’ll spend time with dedicated ornithologists and marine biologists while gathering data that will directly contribute to preserving Antarctica’s whale population and its ecosystem.

If this unique experience sounds appealing, please get in touch, and we’ll be delighted to discuss further.

Rhino Conservation in Kenya

A tailored conservation-related experience in Africa will bring you into close encounters with some of the planet’s most remarkable creatures and some of the continent’s most intriguing local communities. Arriving in Kenya, you’ll contribute to essential work protecting the rebounding but still critically endangered black rhino and the near-extinct northern white rhino. You’ll track these gentle giants on foot alongside passionate field rangers and engage in evening ranger deployments. Your help in monitoring and identifying these deeply at-risk creatures will have a lasting impact.

Cultural Immersion in Mongolia

If you’re looking for something truly unique, it’s time to travel to Mongolia with Pelorus and assist in preserving the Tsaatan community. You’ll arrive—via horse sled, reindeer sleigh, skis, and on foot—in one of epic Mongolia’s remotest corners to deliver essential salt and donor reindeer sperm to these hardy and engaging people. A hugely rewarding experience, your involvement will directly contribute to their survival in this fragile corner of Mongolia. To find out more about this experience, follow the link below.

tsaatan people reindeer mongolia

This is just a sample of some of the adventures with a conservation slant that we can create for you. Explore our website for further inspiration about this particular brand of deeply rewarding travel experience. Adventuring with a purposeful aim of achieving a greater understanding of places—and the people who live in them—can be a win-win for you, those you’ve helped, and the world as a whole.