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HERO Gorilla in Treetops of Uganda


Primate Safaris and Forest Pygmies in Uganda

Uganda is a remarkable destination: the source of the Nile, the country of the Mountains of the Moon, and a sanctuary for rare and charismatic primates. Uganda offers the opportunity for incredible safaris through a dazzling range of striking landscapes.

When to go
Dec-Feb, Jun-Aug
From price
$12,700 pp*
Ideal length
14 nights


Arrive in the wonderfully named Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. You’ll journey into this, Africa’s oldest and most diverse ecosystem, in search of gorillas. In this sanctuary for these endangered primates, you’ll track them with an experienced ranger while you learn about their behavior. When you encounter a troop, you’ll become absorbed in observing them in their natural habitat.

After one remarkable encounter, onto another with the Batwa Pygmies. Known as “The Keepers of the Forest” this indigenous tribe has existed in equatorial forests for up to 60,000 years. You’ll learn about their way of life through demonstrations of their harvesting, hunting, gathering, and music skills. Join them on a guided nature walk and discover their remarkable knowledge of, and relationship with, the jungle.

You’ll travel to the terraced hillsides of Lake Bunyoni next, for a swim in its predator-free waters. Take a boat to explore its 29 islands, or go for a hike around the lakeshore spotting the incredible bird life. Relax in its tranquil midst with a nighttime canoe ride, listening to the frogs, crickets, and nocturnal animals.


Travel north to the verdant habitat of Kibale Forest National Park. Africa’s most important primate sanctuary is an incredible place for a primate trek, and you’ll embark on an expedition to see the protected population of chimps that call this evergreen rainforest home. Watch these impressively intelligent creatures as they feed and play, and see colobus monkeys and olive baboons as well as numerous other creatures such as forest elephants, serval big cat species, and giant hogs.

Step onto a boat next for a trip along the River Nile through biodiverse Murchison Falls National Park. See the abundance of hippos, waterbucks, and crocodiles, as well as striking Murchison Falls cascading over 140ft down. Transfer to a helicopter for a bird’s eye view perspective of the falls before journeying deeper into the park in vehicles to take advantage of the park’s superb Big Five spotting opportunities.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 4 adults traveling for 14 nights excluding international flights.