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Polar bear mother an cub in Svalbard


Polar bear safari in Svalbard

Visit Svalbard’s glacial landscape high in the Arctic Circle and track the majestic polar bear in its natural habitat, discovering how this remarkable predator has adapted so fully to life in this unrelentingly harsh environment.

When to go
From price
$14,500 pp*
Ideal length
4 nights


Arrive in Longyearbyen, Svalbard’s largest town, to be met by your guide. Following a safety briefing and equipment familiarization, you’ll climb aboard your snowmobile and skim across the glacial ice cap to the east coast.

On the lookout for polar bears, you’re surrounded by indomitable wilderness in all directions. 

Following a night’s sleep untroubled by ambient noise of any kind, you’ll make a beeline for the inner east coast fjords. As you’re guided over the pristine arctic landscape, you’ll keep a sharp eye out for Arctic creatures such as reindeer, foxes, and puffins.

Transferring to a dog sled, your team of yapping huskies will whisk you across one of the island’s largest glaciers, where you’ll explore a stunning ice cave.


Your night will be spent camping comfortably in deepest Svalbard, an experience that reinforces the idea that true luxury is peace and quiet while in the midst of untouched natural splendor.

A different variety of quiet exists in your next destination. You’ll venture into the abandoned mining town of Pyramiden frozen in time since 1998 when around 3000 miners were instructed to leave overnight. Its eeriness is reminiscent of Chernobyl.  

The foodie finale of your journey takes place in Huset, where you’ll return to civilization with aplomb by dining at the island’s best restaurant. Equipped with one of northern Europe’s most celebrated cellars, you’ll raise a toast to a stunning sojourn in the polar bear’s kingdom.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 4 adults traveling for 4 nights excluding international flights.