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The Philippines’ Sacred Lakes and Yachting Adventure

An island-hopping dream, the Philippines’ archipelago is a place of opal blue shallows, fascinating cultures, and verdant landscapes. Your charter will explore the hidden highlights among this galaxy of over 7,600 stunning islands.

When to go:
October – May


Your Philippines adventure begins in Laoag where, after landing, you’ll travel to the coastal desert of La Paz. While your luggage is traveling to your waiting yacht, you’ll explore this immense swathe of sand on ATVs, or take a sandboard and fly down the dunes.  

As you surf down your final dunes, you’ll see your vessel anchored in the glittering sea. Before you board, join an expert instructor and attempt kite surfing. Transfer by tender afterward to your ship and a welcome from the crew. After getting settled in, enjoy a sundowner on deck, enjoy the incredible view and the sea breezes. 

You’ll awake in a more southerly location, where you’ll make your way to shore and into the cockpit of an ultralight aircraft. Take to the skies over the UNESCO-protected Banaue Rice Terraces. Breathtaking from above, these intricate staircases of rice paddies are over two thousand years old.

Once you’ve landed, you’ll dine amid the rice paddies with an al fresco lunch prepared by the crew. Your next adventure takes place in Sagada, where you’ll journey underground this time to explore the incredible network of tunnels, caves, and rock formations here. After you’ve crawled, hiked, swam, and rappelled your way through this natural labyrinth, you’ll return to your vessel for a well-earned, restorative dinner.


Traveling south you’ll enter waters characterized by the abrupt, verdant topography of karst islands with pristine lakes in their jungled interiors. With special permission gained by Pelorus from the indigenous Tagbanua, you can swim or paddle in the lakes before exploring an island paradise closed off to everyone but the Tagbanua.

Welcomed by the Tagbanua, you’ll enjoy a cultural immersion with one of the Philippines’ oldest ethnic groups. They’ll demonstrate their climbing skills as they forage for edible birds’ nests on sheer cliffs. Under their guidance, you’ll have an opportunity to scale these same limestone cliffs. In the afternoon, learn about other aspects of their culture, such as bamboo basket weaving, and woodcarving, before an evening of music and dance around the fire with nose and boat flutes, as well as percussive gongs.


Cruise south and drop anchor in El Nido. In this gorgeous region of precipitous islets, bird-filled forests, and secluded beaches, you’ll dive into the thriving marine reserve. Among the limestone coral, you’ll see dugongs, turtles, and blacktip sharks.

Assist in the preservation of this precious locale by joining the efforts of a conservation project, or discover your vessel’s added extras by deploying paddleboards and diving equipment to see more of this incredible region.

Travel further south until you reach the UNESCO-protected Puerto Princesa Subterranean River. Explore this so-called ‘New Wonder of the World’ by kayak as you make your way through its caverns and beneath stalactites as you look out for the wildlife that lives in this 15-mile network. Once you think you’re about to reach the earth’s core, you arrive at a cascading underground waterfall where you’ll see a 20-million-year-old manatee fossil. Your final stop is a fortress of solitude deep underground and blanketed in natural crystals.


Change course and travel east to Bohol Island. You’ll stop at the nearly 250,000-acre UNESCO-listed Tubbataha Reef. A stunning dive site and significant fish spawning and breeding site, you’ll see whales sharks, manta rays, and innumerable tropical fish.

Afterward, arrive at Bohol and its famous chocolate hills. Best viewed from above, you’ll see these mythical hillocks while paragliding, either solo or in tandem with your accompanying paragliding instructor. When you land, your crew will have prepared a delicious wild lunch among the hills.

Once your meal’s settled, you’ll begin a fantastic canyoning adventure near the Kawasan Falls. You’ll slide down waterfalls, hike the jungle, and leap into the crystal clear waters.


Travel north to Donsol, known best as the whale shark epicenter of the Philippines. After a morning swimming alongside these gentle filter feeders, as well as manta rays and sea snakes, make your way to Mayon Volcano National Park. Here, in the Philippines’ most active volcanic region, you’ll explore on foot to see the incredible endemic bird life such as the lime green hanging parakeet and Philippine scops owl.

Discover a coffee plantation next and explore with a local farmer who, along with master harvesters, will teach you how to pick coffee beans. You’ll discover the full process of coffee production before a taste test of the local brew.


You’ll journey on—either by paddleboard or kayak next—across Taal Lake and onto Taal Volcano. There you’ll meet a local vulcanologist who will accompany you into the volcano with special permission secured by Pelorus. This up-close inspection of this volcano, which erupted last in January 2021, is a fascinating experience, from the crater’s hardened rim to the emerald green lake within.

Your journey culminates in pulsating Manila. Take a tour of the vibrant art scene, and explore its galleries and museums. Take a cooking class with a talented local chef and master some of the country’s most delicious dishes. Bid your crew and yacht a fond farewell and travel home.


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