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Hero Image Poison Dart Frog in the Peruvian Amazon

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Experience the Peruvian Amazon on a Family Yacht Adventure

Discover the incredible biodiversity of the Peruvian Amazon on a family yacht adventure. Explore dense lowland jungle and have encounters with indigenous tribes and rare wildlife that your children will cherish as lifelong memories.

When to go:
June – October


Once your family arrives in Iquitos, you’ll be escorted to your yacht—your floating base for this extraordinary jungle adventure. You’ll be introduced to your crew and expert naturalist guides before a delicious dinner onboard.

Rising early, you’ll set off in a skiff to explore the Yarapa River. In this protected Amazon tributary, you’ll join your children in spotting the canopy-rustling primates and colorful birdlife, or the shining eyes of the caiman in the shallows.

Once you’re refreshed after lunch on the yacht, it’s time to find piranhas. Head out on the skiff and cast a fishing line into the river. Alongside expert guides, your children will learn fishing skills in an extraordinary setting.

Your incredible day is rounded off with an evening wildlife excursion along the Nauta Caño. You’ll be dazzled by the dark skies of the Amazon, with the stars reflected in the creek’s inky waters.


At dawn, join eagle-eyed naturalist guides on a jungle walk spotting three-toed sloths, night monkeys, and bird species like the capped heron.

Enjoy lunch on board before returning to the water to try to see the elusive pink river dolphins. Glide along the waterway by kayak or canoe—or take a swim—while hoping to find these awe-inspiring jungle denizens.

Return to Iquitos with your guides to discover the catch of the day supplied by the local fishermen. You’ll taste vivid, exotic fruits while soaking up the local market’s vibrancy. Afterward, take an awe-inspiring journey to the source of the Amazon.


Cruise the Yanalpa River watching the verdant banks for lurking creatures. Disembark and trek into the dense rainforest looking out for monkeys and tree frogs while discerning the call of the macaw from the Amazonian chorus.

Transfer by skiff to the Dorado River. Here, as dusk gathers along the river’s edge, you’ll watch—and listen—as the nocturnal jungle awakens.  

You’ll rise with the dawn chorus on the Pacaya River and have a wild picnic breakfast in the jungle with your children. Afterward, embark on a fishing expedition along the river, using tips by local experts to improve your chances of success.

Switch to kayaks or paddleboards and journey down the river alongside locals in their traditional banana boats. Follow their lead to progress smoothly down the river, with one eye out for any pink dolphins surfacing to breathe.


This morning you’ll walk with expert guides on a nature trek through the forest. While spotting the incredible wildlife, the guides will educate you and your family on how to track animals through the jungle, identify prints and listen for calls. Swim, canoe, or kayak the Yarapa River watching out for marine wildlife and absorbing the sounds of the jungle.

Following a delicious restorative lunch on board, you’ll be transferred by skiff to a remote village in the Amazon. With a local translator at your side, you’ll explore the customs, traditions, and way of life of the indigenous tribe who live here. This is an educational and affecting cultural immersion for the whole family, coming to understand what it takes to make a life in the Amazon.

Your final day sees you back in Iquitos, where you’ll have a chance to visit the Manatee Rescue Center. Learn about the essential conservation work done to protect these rare, gentle creatures before you bid the Amazon farewell and begin the journey home.   


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