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HERO Panama Isla Secas Islands


Panama’s Paradise Atolls and Indigenous Tribes

Panama offers jungle tousled coastlines, skyscraping cities full of history, and gorgeous archipelagos in the Pacific and the Caribbean. Explore some of its most exclusive and untouched regions, whether castaway beaches in the Caribbean or tribal communities in the Darien National Park.  

When to go
From price
$10,500 pp*
Ideal length
7 nights


Begin off Panama’s Pacific Coast, where you’ll gain exclusive access to the little-known Islas Secas archipelago. While staying in this pristine wilderness scattered across 14 gorgeous atolls, you’ll see its wondrous natural bounty both above and below the waterline.

A naturalist will guide you on a trans-island hike for glimpses of rarely seen species and endemic vegetation.

Dive among its turtles and rays, with one eye out for humpback whales, and take a paddleboard to reach its empty beaches and unseen caves. Try out wakeboarding or surfing on its uncrowded waves. When the sun sinks into the ocean, enjoy cocktails with your toes dug into the sand of a private beach.


An island of history amid the skyscrapers and old-world charm of Panama City is Casco Viejo. Formerly its own 17th-century walled city, this gorgeous neighborhood is full of colonial and neoclassical monuments and buildings.

With a guide alongside to unlock the local history, you’ll wander the cobbled streets of Casco Viejo, see the views from Cerro Ancon, and taste delicious fresh ceviche at a renowned fish market.

You’ll also gain exclusive access to the historic Panama Canal, seeing what are usually restricted areas. With your guide, discover the remarkable history and engineering secrets of this 48-mile man-made waterway connecting two oceans.


Travel south along the Pan-American highway until you arrive at the only interruption to this 30,000-mile road—the Darien Gap. Leave the road and, alongside an expert Pelorus guide, enter its famously impenetrable jungle to make your way to the Darien National Park—Panama’s largest protected region. You’ll off-road and canoe your way into the heart of a rarely seen landscape that is the home to seven indigenous tribes.

You’ll stay with the Embera Indians—a community enthusiastic about sharing its culture and history. You’ll stay here for several days, exploring the park’s rare neotropical plants, discovering the tribe’s traditions, and becoming hooked on their celebratory music.

Transfer out of the dense jungle by helicopter. Your next destination is the San Blas Islands—this gorgeous sprinkling of green islands amid the azure blue of the Caribbean Sea has an atoll for nearly every day of the year.

Through our connection to the Guna people, who strictly oversee tourism and visitor access to their islands, Pelorus can gain rare access to this necklace of coral islands. Sail between them, mooring in secluded bays and landing on castaway beaches. Experience an authentic cultural immersion with the Guna and gain an insight into a rarely seen way of life.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 4 adults traveling for 7 nights excluding international flights.