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Oman Empty Quarter Bedu Camp


A one-of-a-kind luxury adventure in Oman

We transported guests into Oman’s Empty Quarter—the world’s largest expanse of continuous desert.

Words by Pelorus

When you think of a sand desert, of dunes rolling to the horizon at all points of the compass, you’re thinking of the Empty Quarter. In this, the world’s largest stretch of unbroken sand desert, we set up a one-off luxury camp. Advised by the people who know this inhospitable land best—the Bedouins—Pelorus transported its guests to the edge of the unknown, with sunsets and night skies rarely seen. Only by testing the boundaries can we find authentic, original experiences.

While this isolated location was stunning, Pelorus had more in mind for this experience than just admiring the view. We tracked the critically-endangered Arabian leopard across paths carved into a nearly 4,000ft cliff face; created our own breezes with a microlight flight above the molten dunes; explored the fascinating local culture with an engaging guide; and cleansed ourselves of the desert by diving into the cool water at secret beaches. Achieving all of this—a first for a few of these experiences with guests along for the ride—relied on our pioneering outlook and the highest quality local contacts. This is how Pelorus separates itself from its competition.