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Creative Dining in Yurt Camp Sajama, Bolivia Salt Flats


Luxury off-grid camps

An entirely unique, lavishly appointed camp far from civilization and tailored to your tastes.

An off-grid luxury camp from Pelorus is a wonderful thing. No boutique hotel or permanent camp can match the concept’s customizable nature, whether in terms of décor or placement in somewhere remote, unspoiled, and utterly romantic.

With seclusion becoming an ever more important consideration for our clients, we relish the opportunity to bring our precision planning, local knowledge, and talented on-ground team to help realize your off-grid luxury fantasies.

No noise, no pollution, and only the people you want on your luxury island of geographical exclusivity.

Exclusive Custom Built Camps

It’s been our pleasure to realize supremely luxurious camps in dramatic destinations, whether an intimate surprise or an inspirational retreat for a cadre of business leaders.

Read on to find a small selection of some of our favorites—tailormade, private camps in fantasy locations for unforgettable, one-off experiences.

Rajasthan, India

Horseback Adventure, Aravelli Hills of Rajasthan India
Luxury Camp Set Up in Siyana Hills, Rajasthan, India

Pelorus and its Co-Founder, Jimmy Carroll, were recently commissioned to realize an extraordinary 60th birthday celebration set deep in Rajasthan.

Traveling on horseback through the fragrant juniper, past crumbling temples, and rustic villages, the group eventually reached their exclusive off-grid luxury tented camp enfolded in the tranquil Siyana Hills.

A stunning stay placed exactly where you want it in a gorgeous wilderness—it’s the perfect beginning to an extraordinary experience. Among the many highlights was joining a procession with the Rabari Tribe, part of an affecting cultural immersion organized through Pelorus’s excellent local contacts.

Agafay Desert, Morocco

Private Camp, Morocco Desert
Morocco Camels In The Desert

Into the Agafay Desert for a thrilling mission-style escape masterminded by a family’s adventurous teens. The group raced across the desert on dune buggies until they saw their camp awaiting them, wavering into view amid the rolling dunes. Sumptuous Moroccan-style interiors welcomed them out of the heat. By cool evening, it was time for a fine dining meal in the open air, beneath the stars.

Come morning, and a long breakfast in their oasis of comfort before a gentle camel ride to their next tailormade camp pitched even deeper into the unknown.  

Empty Quarter, Oman

Empty Quarter Bedu Camp At Night Dunes Desert Oman
Oman Empty Quarter Bedu Camp exterior

We journeyed to Oman for a transcendent adventure in the Empty Quarter. Challenging that epic desert’s monicker, we established a luxury Bedouin-style camp, its interior infused with an earthy, Arabian folktale aesthetic. For our guests arriving by helicopter, the camp must have appeared like a fabulous island among an endless sea of sand.  

After contemplating the rarely seen beauty of this inhospitable landscape, they dined beside a crackling campfire, the stars feeling closer than any whisper of civilization.

Bariloche, Argentina

kayak across a glacial lake to find this wild camp
table for two under canvas looking over the glacial lake

We arranged for a honeymooning couple to ride on horseback through the peaceful forest at Bariloche before arriving at the pebbly shores of a glassy glacial lake. Transferring to kayaks, they navigated across the water to their ultimate romantic bolthole: a luxury dome tent concealed in the firs.

At their private waterfront table, the area lit only by candles, the private chef prepared a multi-course treat over an open fire. As night drew over the landscape, an astronomer guided their eyes around the night sky picking out constellations.

Highlands, Scotland

wild camp set up in a sheltered area of the vast beach
secluded, yet exposed to the wild elements of Scotland's Highlands

It was late summer in the Highlands, and a family were discovering islets and spotting birds while on a thrilling RIB adventure. Rounding a rugged sea cliff, they glimpsed an alfresco miracle ahead: a surprise BBQ awaiting them on a private beach.

Beneath the canvas of a luxury tent, the family sat down to a feast of seared lobster and juicy scallops—acquired from the water lapping the sandy shore mere feet away—and prepared by a talented private chef. It was the ultimate in luxury alfresco dining.

Boutique & Luxury Tented Hotels

A luxury camp experience can be just as enticing as one component of a longer, more varied itinerary. We have a burgeoning portfolio of unique luxury tented camps scattered throughout the exotic corners of the world: whether in Utah’s wind-sculpted deserts or the tropical rainforest of Latin America, the African Bush or even an insulated bubble of luxury near the frigid poles.

Below is a selection of favorite luxury tented hotels:

Camp Kerala Exterior entrance

Luxury Tented Camps in the UK

If you are looking for an intrepid ‘glamping’ experience across the pond, look no further, as we have partnered with Camp Kerala to deliver the very best of adventure travel and hedonistic hospitality in the UK’s remote locations. Expect beautifully designed maharaja tents, exquisite service and delicious dining following a day of bespoke activities and experiences.

If this appeals to you, please contact a member of our team who will be happy to chat further.