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Sand dunes for miles


Mind, Body and Soul

Wellness inspiration to transform the way you travel.

Dec 2021

As you begin to plan for 2022, consider transforming your travel through wellness experiences that focus on the mind, body, and soul. Discover the escapism found within these spiritually engaging sojourns transporting you far from the pressures of modern life.


Amankora infinity pool in mountains
Tiger's Nest monastery cliff side Bhutan

Near-mythic Bhutan, a historic kingdom at the roof of the world, is a sanctuary of reflection and peaceful exploration.

The quiet of its pine-clad valleys is wonderful to walk in as you make tranquil passage to monasteries such as Taktsang, or ‘Tiger’s Nest’. You’ll connect with nature as you wander through forests and hike a steady climb to reach Bhutan’s unofficial symbol—a sacred site clinging to cliffs at over 9800ft high north of Paro.

At a private monastery, you’ll take part in a grand ceremony that reconstructs traditional Bhutanese monk dances. During this unique experience, you’ll experience a rite of purification, cleaning sins and clearing the path for a long and prosperous life.


Camp beautifully lit up at night
Desert Camping Tent in Oman

Beautiful Oman is a country of striking and varied landscapes. Its Empty Quarter, a sea of endless dunes, is a destination of profound solitude and a slice of pure escapism.

Arrive in the Empty Quarter to find a luxury-tented camp awaiting you like a mirage amid the rolling sands. In total isolation, watch the desert change shift colors beneath the sunset as you sip cocktails made for you by your Bedouin hosts.

These warm and gracious people will also lead you on a journey of desert learning, helping you reconnect with the earth as you discover how to read the desert. With a new perspective on your surroundings, return to your camp for a freshly prepared meal beneath a star-washed sky of untainted intensity.


Ecuador Mashpi Lodge Aerial
Mashpi Lodge in the heart of the Amazon rainforest

Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest is a haven of pristine nature in which to detach from the everyday, still your mind, and reconnect with nature.

Staying at the remote Mashpi Lodge, surrounded by the symphonic bird song of the rainforest, you’ll begin your wellness journey with an assessment. Based on your physical fitness, needs, and goals, a wellness specialist will create a tailored program for your stay.

Discover the indigenous cultures that live in lockstep with nature, practicing enduring traditions while living deep in the Amazon. See the richness of their ancient culture while experiencing the rainforest’s purity. In an experience far removed from your life at home, discover the ancient practices of these communities and come to understand the secrets of their ancient cultures.

British Columbia

Rich aquatic life features a killer whale launching out of the water
Nimmo Bay British Columbia night time

Escape into the majestic wilds of British Columbia’s coastal rainforest with a combination of delicious cuisine, transformative spa experiences, and unforgettable immersive adventures amid the epic land and seascape.

Wild swim in alpine lakes enclosed by evergreens or sink into rejuvenating hot springs. Explore the stunning forests on winding pine-scented trails and kayak through the clean, clear coastal waters looking out for bears, eagles, and seals.

See orcas playing with their young and humpback whales launching themselves into the air. Be transported by effervescent nature and watch stunning sunsets from your boat.


Polar bear mother with cute cub walking on ice
a group dog sledding across the ice

A remote chain of islands offering imposing coastal cliffs, the Aurora Borealis, and the midnight sun, exploring Svalbard by yacht is a dramatic yet serene experience.

Travel ashore to this still, natural world, devoid of signs of civilization and the kingdom of the polar bear. Join internationally recognized experts on snowmobiles as you traverse the ice, see its haunting landscape, and watch out for its iconic wildlife.

During your expedition, your yacht will also navigate to 82 Degrees North. The most northerly point that it’s possible to reach with a yacht, you’ll discover a sense of genuine isolation rarely experienced.


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