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Lemur hanging out in Madagascan Jungle


Madagascar’s jungles, beaches, and fascinating wildlife

Madagascar is a remarkably biodiverse island ecosystem, with its lush, dramatic interior home to an array of intriguing endemic species. Add stunning white-sand beaches and thriving coastal waters and you have a unique destination perfect for lovers of the outdoors.

When to go
From price
$12,000 pp*
Ideal length
10 nights


Madagascar’s most famous inhabitants are its lemurs of which 60 species exist on this African island and its associated islets. As part of a conservation team, you’ll go in search of the rare golden-crowned lemur. Trek through its dense jungle habitat alongside the conservationists and assist in their efforts to discover more about this most endangered of lemurs.

The Baobab tree, with its stout, straight trunk might look challenging to climb but with a little training, you’ll manage it. Apply your new rope-climbing ability and join leading scientists in the canopies as they study one of the world’s most ecologically intriguing forests. You’ll even overnight high in the trees, with fabulous views of the Milky Way from your comfy roost.


From tree to sea, and an exploration of the thriving coastal waters off of Madagascar. Diving into the clear, warm water you’ll see turtles, rays, and sharks backlit by colorful coral.

Enjoy a whale-watching trip by helicopter, skirting the island’s coastline with the air rushing through the open doors to afford a better view of these breaching giants.

Visit Africa’s largest underground cave network. For a dramatic finale, you’ll witness the maze of Tsingy limestone formations. Scale this forest of stone needles while an expert guide teaches you about them and their remarkable history.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 2 adults traveling for 10 nights excluding international flights.