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Yacht Experiences


Navigate through the Solomon Islands on this enchanting trip beneath the waves and deep into the jungle. Dive sunken WWII seaplanes, hike to immense waterfalls, and spot saltwater crocodiles from your canoe. Beyond the military history and the natural wonders, you’ll also encounter the intriguing local culture while relaxing in luxury anchored in blissful tropical bays.

When to go:
May – September, November – January


Arrive in Honiara where you’ll be welcomed and escorted to your yacht. Once you’ve settled in, uncover the WWII history of east Honiara, exploring its memorials and monuments. Trek into the verdant interior until you hear and then see the over 200ft Tenaru Waterfalls.

WWII history continues beneath the waves, particularly at Ironbottom Sound. Running between The Florida Islands and Guadalcanal, this undersea passage holds the remains of the ships and planes that sunk during the Battle of Guadalcanal. Amid the wrecks are a US Navy destroyer and a nearly 500ft oil tanker.

The next day you’ll cruise through these paradise waters to the southern side of The Florida Islands. Anchored near Tulagi, this is another diving hotspot with more WWII shipwrecks—including a Japanese seaplane nearly 100ft down. Alternatively, you can visit the famous Twin Tunnels instead.

Entering these vertical descending lava tunnels you’ll see fan and whip coral before reaching the cave at the bottom teeming with schools of fusiliers and snapper, cuttlefish, and octopus.


Accompanied by stunning views over the islands, cruise north through the Mboli Passage until you reach Maravaghi. Spot manta rays as you enjoy an afternoon of surfing. Afterward, visit the villages of Roderick Bay and Olevuga to immerse yourself in the islanders’ warm welcome.

Next, you’ll anchor at Karomulun Point off of Russell Island, close to a trio of awe-inspiring dive sites. See the reflective Mirror Pond, the reef canyon known as Leru Cut, and the unique nudibranch display at the Blue Wall.

Onwards to Kavachi where you approach one of the Pacific’s most active underwater volcanoes. Snorkel amid the reef sharks before a guided canoe trip along the Varea River in search of sizeable saltwater crocodiles.


Marova is the world’s largest saltwater lagoon and a UNESCO-protected site. Mbulo is a superb introduction to the incredible diving found here: a gently sloping wall that connects with accessible lava tubes.

Afterward, take a canoe from your yacht to meet the Peava village locals. Well known for their intricate carvings, you’ll learn about their traditional art as well as their role in preserving their island environment.

The final stop on your Solomon Islands expedition is Tetepara—the largest uninhabited island in the archipelago and essentially unexplored territory. You’ll join conservationists in turtle tagging while also studying dugongs and crocodiles. After a hike through the verdant rainforest, attempt a Melanesian feast using traditional hot rocks to bring out the authentic Solomon Island flavors.