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Secluded and shaded. thatched seating area at Royal Belize


Luxury vacations on private islands and in mountains retreats

Luxury in deep isolation, whether marooned on your own castaway island (plus private butler) or the lone light nestled amid snowy firs high on an alpine mountain, is becoming an ever more sought after vacation experience. We know where to find all that space, and with adventure on your doorstep.

A true sense of remoteness—combined with indulgent luxury—seems a more precious goal than ever before.

Whether it’s a sumptuous chalet perched on a glacier or a white sand private island at an inch above sea level, there’s been an increased demand for this level of exclusivity set in truly remarkable settings. And then there’s the step beyond, the off-grid retreat—from the Scottish Highlands to The Empty Quarter—where it’s just you and your loved ones in spectacular nature, soaking up the priceless luxuries of space and silence.

However you like your far-flung vacation paradise, we have the remote property to see your dreams made flesh. With our team’s expertise, knowledge, and military background, we’ll hone an itinerary with your desired balance of indulgence and adrenaline-pumping adventure to create an unforgettable experience.

Isolate in Style

Personal space has a heightened sense of importance these days. It’s led to clients requesting private transfers door-to-door, and it’s a service we take pleasure in delivering. Not only does it add an extra level of luxury to your time away, but an extra level of confidence, from your personal driver to your private flight, that you’re receiving just the right level of attention.

Be delivered to a property with a helipad, and you’re ensuring a level of flexibility and access that elevates your experience, whether touring the landscape or hovering over backcountry runs of untouched powder. With our expert guides on hand, you’ll not want for swift identification of exotic creatures scuttling through the brush or the identifying of cultural idiosyncrasies that can suddenly open the door to understanding.

And the food. Landscapes and activities are important to our destination choices, but so are cuisine, spice, drink. Whether in a thatched banda in the Indian Ocean or a lakeside lodge, our private chefs use the freshest ingredients to produce creative, extraordinary dishes. Flexibility is also essential, over the menu and the location, allowing for that element of magic that can make an experience something truly special. Wherever your journey to, nothing is off the table with a Pelorus tailormade adventure.

delicious food at Bison Lodge top ski chalet remote Culinary scene at Isla Palenque in the jungle, adapting for clients when and where they want
Private travel by sea plane to the Nautilus, Maldives adrenaline-spiking activity of sky diving with view over snowcapped mountains in Alaska

The desire to relocate to lavishly appointed accommodation in a remote destination is here to stay, and it’s a trend that’s only continuing to build. The passion to travel seems to be almost matched by the passion for exclusivity.

To meet that need, we’ve produced this list of extraordinary and remote properties. Luxury at your beck and call, with adventure on tap as required.