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Tuscany Landscape at Sunset, Europe


Luxury Europe Vacations

Europe’s breadth of culture, art, and architecture is as remarkable as its variety of landscapes, climates, and beaches—from the black sands of Iceland to the romantic Mediterranean coves of Italy. Among it all are hidden and unconventional adventures, ripe for a unique tailor-made vacation. Let Pelorus introduce you to Europe’s lesser-seen side.

Europe is variety. Coastal mountains sweep down to undulating vineyards and olive groves shimmer beside golden beaches and turquoise shallows. See the Baltic Cities’ ostentatious palaces and medieval cathedrals before entering the Arctic Circle for husky-drawn discovery. Or, perhaps you’re drawn to the sunny south, to islands washed by warm seas and the creaking piers of whitewashed fishing villages bright with bougainvillea and welcoming smiles.

From astonishing helicopter expeditions above vine-braided wine country, to paragliding from snow-dusted summits to your anchored yacht. From thrilling days in the sea surfing superb waves to navigating breathtaking alpine passes on a grand tour in a supercar, to settling in for sundowners on the Mediterranean. From a grandiose evening of opera and premium Russian vodka and caviar tastings to moments-ago-caught seafood prepped to deliciousness by your private chef while the sun sinks into the sea. There’s an experience for all tastes.

Families will discover adventure and excitement along the seafront, while newlyweds explore atmospheric hill-towns and otherworldly landscapes while staying on a luxury yacht. Those gathered for a celebration will fill up the rooms of a rambling villa, while adventure-seekers will descend in a submersible to discover sunken history or take an explorer yacht into the teeth of an Arctic winter.


Whether you enjoy pulse-racing adventure whatever the season, cultural exploration, or out-and-out sun-soaked relaxation and indulgent cuisine, these are our favorite experiences, to help inspire the tailor-made vacation we will design to your tastes.


Sleep within the rambling rose-covered walls of a medieval chateau. Or, sip tea beneath the pines on the private veranda of your contemporary-meets-rustic eco-lodge.

In winter, drift off beneath the shimmer of the Northern Lights while wolf howls rise and drift into the cold air of northerly wilds. Or, for utter seclusion and tranquillity, sleep in a treehouse raised above the impressions of animal tracks across a snow-covered landscape.


Europe’s northern lands and the southerly Mediterranean both deliver stunning landscapes, incredible wildlife, and a dazzling array of possible adventures both on land and in the sea.

Experience remarkable diving locations and charter a submarine to get up close to the compelling corrosion of sunken wrecks while on an expedition taking in some of the world’s most history-strewn seafloors. Drop anchor in serene bays and tender to grilled treats at waterside tavernas, before drifting off to sleep while the waves lap at the hull. Head due north through the pack ice on an intrepid exploration with one of our explorer yachts, designed to access the usually inaccessible treasures of the Arctic.

With our team’s huge store of experience and expertise in yachting Europe’s waters, Pelorus is perfectly placed to transport you on a yacht expedition into the thrillingly unconventional.  

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We understand the swiftly changing landscape of travel and our expert team is on hand to provide confidence for your plans, whether for a carefully considered celebration with a group or a spontaneous long weekend break. Our experts remain up-to-date on all eventualities and with our extensive European contact network, we’ve got you covered—especially if you’d like us to inject our creativity into the plans for your tailor-made adventure.