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Scenery under clouds in Antarctica


Explore Antarctica’s Dramatic Wilderness

Travel to the southernmost continent for an adventure like no other. With unique wildlife, awe-inspiring scenery, and luxury accommodation, this experience opens up a rare opportunity to follow in the footsteps of polar explorers and discover Antarctica.

When to go
From price
$90,000 pp*
Ideal length
8 nights


From South Africa, your carbon offset flight will transport you to the world’s most indomitable wilderness—Antarctica. Within the Arctic Circle, on a continent of snow, ice, and 24-hour daylight, you’ll check into one of two luxury accommodations on the continent—Whichaway Camp or Echo Camp. Settled in one of the cutting-edge pods, you’re set to begin your Antarctic experience of a lifetime.  

Once you’ve enjoyed a restorative breakfast, you’ll step into your warm gear ahead for a short flight to Akta Bay. You’ll arrive at a spectacular and rarely seen wildlife event—the gathering of a 6,000-strong colony of Emperor Penguins with their chicks. Curious and unfrightened by humans, the penguins will waddle to within a few feet, and you’ll be engulfed in the community’s chatter.


A rare journey to a destination of genuine significance, your mission to the southernmost point on the planet will be a lasting milestone. It’s an expedition for which there is no shortcut—you’ll board a seven-hour flight from camp, with a stop after five hours to refuel. When you dismembark from the plane, and during the journey, you’ll come to understand the full unexplored immensity of Antarctica. Arriving at the lowest point on Earth, you’ll reach the marker, secure your passport stamp, and, once back at camp, celebrate with a magnificent six-course tasting menu.


Thrilling outdoor sports possibilities surround the camps. You’ll head out into the snowy wilderness with former world champion climbers and, under their expert guidance, assail the towering granite cliffs. When you reach the top, you’ll experience stellar views and deep satisfaction.

After lunch, it’s time to let gravity do (most of) the work. You’ll rappel over 300ft down a cliff face towards the white wilderness below. After your day of heart-racing thrills, relax in the evening ensconced in furs while listening to dramatic tales of polar exploration in the communal pod.

For those inspired by the superhuman efforts of polar explorers, the next morning brings the opportunity to try ice climbing. Sink your crampons and axes into the solid ice wall while engaged in this strenuous and thrilling sport.


Approach the ice in a more relaxed way later at lunch, with a cocktail served over 1,000-year-old ice chunks while you graze on a gourmet picnic atop a mountain summit soaking up the Antarctic sunshine.

Later that afternoon, see a unique Antarctic phenomenon—ice tunnels formed by the seasonal melt. You’ll enter the maze of these striking formed passageways, taking photos as you make your way through them.

On your final day, you’ll trek up a rugged mountain peak to a blue-ice glacier. It’ll be the perfect finale—as you gaze at the rarely seen panoramas reflecting on how you’ve come to know this implacable destination—before you return home from this most epic of adventures.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 2 adults traveling for 8 nights excluding international flights.

LEGEND in ice in Antarctica


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