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Yacht Experiences

Journey of Discovery through PAPUA NEW GUINEA

Journey to Papua New Guinea and discover its remarkable indigenous tribes, verdant backcountry, and mesmerizing WWII diving sites. With its network of local experts, Pelorus can provide stunning encounters—carefully managed for minimal impact upon the tribes—while you tour this country from the comfort of a luxury yacht.

When to go:
May – October


Arriving at Port Moresby, transfer to a private charter plane for a scenic flight over volcanoes and the scintillating blue sea until you arrive at your yacht.

Cruise to Blanche Bay, the 200-strong pod of bottlenose dolphins skipping along beside your vessel and at your bow. Anchor in the bay’s crystal-clear waters and take a swim with these remarkable marine mammals.

During the afternoon, you’ll explore the barge tunnels of Admiral Yamamoto’s WWII bunker as you learn about The Battle of Rabaul. If you wish, you can climb Mount Tavurvur—an active volcano—and see the remarkable water coloration in the sea at its base.

More volcanic action, this time the Baining Fire Dance—a custom of the Baining tribe who inhabit East New Britain’s mountain forests. You’ll be mesmerized by their costumes and masks as they dance across hot coals.


Discover the Pomio region’s caves and waterfalls from above in a helicopter, or explore from the water. Take your yacht’s jet ski up to the waterfalls or glide into a sea cave on a paddleboard. With this area home to 60% of the Indo-Pacific’s coral species, reef diving is out of this world. Explore with a dive master and discover submerged WWII wrecks.

Discover the Garu Wildlife Area’s parrots, hornbills, and tropical pigeons, just a small selection of the remarkable birdlife found here. Bathe in the Garu Hot River, reached after a trek through the jungle. This thermal stream offers bathing temperatures approaching 104 degrees.

Transfer to the Asaro Valley by helicopter to be welcomed by the Asaro Mudmen. Learn from witch doctors about the tribe’s history of black magic before a traditional Mumu feast. Watch as the tribal groups attempt to outdo themselves through the ceremonial ‘moka’ system.


Explore an uninhabited island with a member of the Karawara as your guide, teaching you their way of life through spearfishing and foraging.

Discover the region’s leatherback turtle conservation program, which also explores the significance of this remarkable species with the local culture.

Travel to the remote highland region by helicopter, where you’ll make your way through dense jungle to witness the smoked and mummified bodies of the Aseki tribal ancestors.  Out in the open, arranged cliffs and in various stages of decay, these clay-smeared mummies look out over the village that was once their home.


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