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HERO Petra Jordan Camels


Jordan’s Desert, Culture, and Ancient Petra

Most travel to Jordan to witness dazzling, UNESCO-listed Petra—the Rose City. A journey to Jordan, however, will open you up to its warm hospitality, intriguing cultures, and fabulous cuisine. Its landscapes are raw and astonishing, and as the desert heat subsides, the mystique of the desert night rises to replace it.

When to go
Mar-May, Sept-Nov
From price
$10,500 pp*
Ideal length
7 nights


Journey by what else but camel into the wonderfully colorful and starkly beautiful wilderness of the protected Wadi Rum desert. You’ll arrive at an authentic Bedouin camp, where you’ll be warmly greeted and experience a unique lunch with the Bedouins where you’ll learn about their desert existence.

Float up into the cool morning with a hot air balloon as the sunrise casts a golden hour spell across the rugged landscape. You’ll descend for an exclusive breakfast in a secluded area with views of Wadi Rum’s golden sandstone mountains.

Refreshed, strike out into the Valley of the Moon’s otherworldly terrain. After an afternoon of hiking and climbing, relax with an evening of traditional music and dancing as you linger over a delicious and atmospheric bonfire-side dinner.


Leave the mystical atmosphere of Wadi Rum and travel on to discover the enchanting aura of the ancient city of Petra. You’ll spend the day learning about the Rose City’s history and architecture, before making your way to the Lost City of Little Petra.

Reflecting the star-filled desert sky, this entire site will be illuminated by hundreds of flickering candles. Explore the narrow, candlelit canyons, past the rose-pink cliffs molded into intricate tombs and temple facades. Once you reach the Nabatean Monument, you’ll come to your dinner table, laid out exclusively in this unforgettable setting.


The borders of Amman, Jordan’s bustling capital city, skirt the edges of the shimmering desert and fertile valley. Following a unique city tour designed by Pelorus, an expert local guide will unveil Amman’s treasures, from regal temples to fascinating archaeological sites.

Discover the local culture through its aromatic cuisine next, as you tour the city’s softly-lit restaurants, the spice, and complexity of Jordanian cuisine complemented by authentic music.

On to Wadi Mujib, a desert valley of beautifully sculpted sandstone and the perfect place to release your inner adventurer. Wade into refreshing rivers, scale rock walls, and cascade along fast-flowing waterfalls while on a pulse-racing canyoning adventure.

The Mujib River empties into the Dead Sea, so your kinetic journey ends with peaceful weightlessness floating in its reviving mineral-dense waters.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 4 adults traveling for 7 nights excluding international flights.