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Horse riding along the beach in Cabo Vela, Costa Rica


Jimmy & Geordie’s Jungle Adventure in Costa Rica

From the lush jungle to the perfect waves of the Pacific Coast, Pelorus’ Co-Founders Jimmy Carroll and Geordie Mackay-Lewis delved deep into the Costa Rican experience, searching for inspiration for new luxury adventures and to bolster their existing knowledge of this remarkable country.

“Our trip to Costa Rica was time well spent, sourcing out the ideal spots for prospective clients and broadening our expertise.”

Jimmy and Geordie are not easily impressed. Between them, this pair has rowed the Atlantic, sailed in dangerous waters, and explored the truly remote and inhospitable corners of the planet. And yet, on their visit to Costa Rica as part of Pelorus’ commitment to continually improve its expertise, knowledge, and contacts, they were awe-struck.

The twin attributes of Costa Rica’s potential for adventures of all kinds and its world-famous biodiversity impressed them most. They arrived in Costa Rica after Jimmy had fulfilled his Atlantic Challenge by arriving in Antigua at the beginning of the year. Setting up in the surfer community of Santa Teresa on the Pacific Coast’s Nicoya Peninsula, it was the perfect spot to mix business and pleasure.  

“The purpose of our recent trip was to conduct recces across Costa Rica, sampling accommodation options and strengthening relationships with our contacts, discussing new experiences for client trips planned later this year and next. It was great to see so many British and US travelers in the region, learning how to surf and taking on jungle excursions.”

The Nicoya Peninsula is a superb area of the country to become acquainted with Costa Rica’s much-lauded biodiversity. It’s a place where you have views of the glimmering Pacific Ocean from your beachside villa while surrounded by a symphony of toucans, howler monkeys, and scarlet macaws, the birds ornamenting the trees like bright feathery baubles.  

Pelorus respects the uniqueness of Costa Rica and has established a deep understanding and expertise in the country. It’s a wonderful place to explore, and we’ll take you to the very best of it, on land and beneath the perfect curling waves.

Of course, with that understanding comes a natural desire to preserve. Our work with local communities and wildlife conservationists means that opportunity to become involved is open to our clients as well. While visiting, Jimmy and Geordie were hands-on, setting up cameras for essential wildlife recordings and helping spot species on hikes through the landscape.

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Geordie abseiling a waterfall, Costa Rica Geordie and Guide, Hugo, Wildlife Spotting, Costa Rica

Unique Experiences and Properties

After several fantastic weeks on the peninsula, Jimmy and Geordie drove to the north to scout new luxury accommodation options and visit ones they already knew. While there, they threw themselves into activities arranged by these properties, including jungle zip-wiring, waterfall rappeling, and beach clean-ups.

Costa Rica’s biodiversity is almost matched by its variety of stunning accommodation options: treetop jungle lodges, boho-chic beach retreats, and even remote properties on the peninsula available for a full buyout. All have the stamp of approval after a thorough inspection by Pelorus.

A Rafting Adventure to Pacuare Lodge

For true seclusion in Costa Rica, you have the option of rafting to your accommodation through Costa Rica’s eastern jungles. You’ll journey along the Pacuare River, immersing yourself in the country’s ebullient natural character, before reaching your remote luxury eco-lodge. WIth indigenous Cabécar-inspired structures ensconced in pristine rainforest, as well as warm Costa Rican hospitality, Jimmy and Geordie’s sojourn at Pacuare Lodge was a highlight of their trip.

“We had the pleasure of getting involved in nature walks and understanding the conservation work they do. This involved laying out camera traps to spot unique wildlife species while also assisting with bird and butterfly counting and the replanting of trees. They only employ locals, so all who work there are from the surrounding hills, tribes and communities and have all been working there for decades. They have built what is truly one of the best lodges in Costa Rica from the ground up.”

Pacuare Lodge and those associated with it are passionate about maintaining its low impact on the surrounding environment. However, the government has plans to construct a dam downstream, a move that would endanger the fragile, thriving ecosystem existing there. Only local communities and Pacuare Lodge stand in the government’s way. It is essential that they receive more support to maintain this magical corner of Central America.  

To The Hushed Haven of Kasiiya Papagayo

Emerging from the jungle’s leafy heart, Jimmy and Geordie travelled east to west and into the Guancaste region for an exploratory visit to the serene Kasiiya Papagayo eco-lodge.

A highlight is The Healer, their tented spa hidden away in the forest where you are introduced to the different chatkra rituals, great following a day of intrepid adventure inland.”

The sumptuous tented suites are considerately spaced, allowing each guest to luxuriate in the peaceful surrounds. Those seeking a deeper seclusion can opt for the Laughing Whale tent, an ideal honeymoon retreat. Kasiiya Papagayo, its philosophy of hospitality and ‘extraordinary views over the Pacific ocean’, left Jimmy and Geordie deeply impressed.

Please note, Kasiiya Papagayo is now closed.

Hacienda Cabo Velas: A Paradisal Escape

A 1,700 acre working ranch based in Guancaste, luxurious Hacienda Cabo Velas is a secluded oasis offering easy access to four private beaches and thriving jungle. With an option for a full buyout, this is superb retreat to wind down in following an adventure through Costa Rica. An added wonderful extra is its polo pitch and resident ponies.

The horses featured heavily in Jimmy and Geordie’s few days here, with rides into the wilderness and along the beach at sunset. The ranch’s wonderful setting on the Pacific Coast meant that the pair enjoyed many of Costa Rica’s best aspects with the added bonus of horse safaris to compliment their nature walks.

“Their amazing naturalist, Hugo, knows everything there is to know about Costa Rican wildlife – and there’s heaps! We joined him on a guided tour of the ranch, while he enlightened us on the sheer volume of wildlife.”

Exclusivity matched with naturalist knowledge to really get under the skin of Costa Rica’s biodiversity? Cabo Velas offers it all.  

Costa Rica is a Central American bottleneck of biodiversity that offers endless surprises and pleasure, whether in the jungles, on the coast, or in the deep blue sea.


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