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India Horseback Adventure hero


Intrepid Journeys in India

Pelorus co-founder Jimmy Carroll led a client trip into India’s countryside. Riding horses through the golden landscape, they immersed themselves in local tradition and cultures, with exclusive Pelorus access, while on a journey of spiritual enlightenment.

View our video of the journey to learn more about this remarkable adventure. Explore India’s royal traditions, incredible history, and stunning natural beauty.

Rajasthan is one of India’s most handsome regions with intriguing history and culture to back up its natural beauty. Over three days our clients journeyed by horseback to the rarest, remotest points of Rajasthan, immersing themselves in the region’s gorgeous countryside and discovering the way of life of the native Rabari tribespeople.

We rose at dawn to yogi-led yoga classes helping to establish our inner calm before several days of inspiring experiences in the saddle. Surrounded by the region’s natural drama, we observed local life while our guides finessed the details for the adventure to follow.

This is India, so, for foodies, a journey here is a gastronomic odyssey of fragrance and spice allied with superb service in enchanting surroundings. The journey began and ended at two of the country’s most fascinating cities: Jaipur and Jodhpur.

Through our guides’ vast knowledge and familiarity with these colorful urban centers, we quickly became well versed with each city’s fascinating idiosyncrasies, charming culture, and ancient traditions.

The trip’s climax was a convergence of India’s fantastic history, incredible cuisine, and intoxicating culture. A private celebration and birthday were held within the grounds of Jodhpur’s awe-inspiring Mehrangarh—a 15th-century fort with sweeping views over the city and deeper into ravishing Rajasthan.